Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 more weeks

Soooo cute!
Me and my little baby :)

Two weeks.... I hope it is shorter!

Christian has one eye on coming home.....

Hi- We had an exciting day around here with Brock getting his 2 month shots this morning. This makes for a CRANKY baby! He has been super fussy and unhappy today, poor little guy. He was a trooper at the doctor today and was deemed "super cute" by his pediatrician (which I totally agree :) He weighted 7 pounds today and was 19. 5 inches long! Yeah!! He officially has a double chin. We see the eye doctor tomorrow and

Christian also had a milestone today. He is on the least amount of air that he has ever been on! He is on .1 liters at 100% air. He was on .5 liters at 25% air. If he were to go home on air it would have to be the .1 litters and although we hope he doesn't come home on air, he is at lease to the stage where he could. He is still on 4 bottles as he completes some and not others. The older he gets, the better he should get on this. The doctor though "two weeks" before he would be home... Brandon and I have heard that before. Two weeks ago they said two weeks... we will see. He weighted 5 pounds 2 oz today. He tested negative for RSV (yeah) which is a preemie "cold" that can be really scary... he just needs to grow and breath at this point. We are sooooo ready to have him home and I just know we are in the final stretch.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Weekend for Babies

Hi- We have had a good weekend with the babies. Christian is on 21% air (which is room air) with a pressure of .5 litters. He is close to being off air at that level... the nurse thought the doctor might try him without it next week if he is still doing well and see how he does. We are praying hard that he is off air soon! He also is taking down still the four bottles a day. He didn't take his all down for me on Sat. but did better for the nurses after me. He is still eating 42cc's and is weighing in at 4 pounds, 13oz. He had his two month shots last night and did well. He still seems to love his new quite room and seems to be thriving there. We just can't wait to have him home with us.

Brock had a great weekend chillin' here at home. I have been interviewing part time nanny's since these guys can't leave the house until April. We have had 4 interviews in the last couple of days and one more tomorrow. I found one prospect that I like and she might be our winner! Brock has been a good sleeper and is overall a wonderful, pretty easy baby. If he could leave the house with me it would be perfect :) He has his two month shots on Tuesday and an eye apt on Wed. this week.

I wanted to say congrats to two new mommies this week! Congrats to Jennifer on her triplets! We can't wait to meet them and make our baseball team a reality :) Also congrats to Barbara on her son. The twins are so excited to meet all their new playmates.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making Progress

Dad and Christian before date night... so cute!!!

Christian is making good progress in NICU 2, special care. He is still at 4 pounds, 11oz and is eating four bottles a day. He took down three of four bottles yesterday which was wonderful! He ate his whole bottle for me today and looked like he could have taken a bit more than the 50 cc's in his bottle. He was awake and looked really good to me today.

Brother Brock had a good night. He woke up screaming at 130a because he was hungry... I was able to trick him into waiting another hour until his feed at 230a with a pacifier, vibrating bed and a re-swaddle. He was one hungry guy last night.

Thanks to my mom for being such a wonderful "baby whisper" these last few days and letting Brandon and I have a "date night" last night! We felt like a real couple again and not just Brock and Christian's parents :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Babies

Sleeping baby in his new room at NICU 2.

Hi- We seem to have two pretty happy babies these last couple of days. I think Christian really likes his new digs at the hospital and is weighing in at 4 pounds, 11oz today. He finished his whole bottle for me today in about 20 minutes which is great! He was awake and liked being held today and was overall in good spirits. His doctor came in to visit with me and gave us some more good news... his heart murmur is nothing to be concerned about. It tested as a regular preemie murmur and something he will grow out of. He also has another small blot clot which is also not of concern. We will follow it to make sure it goes away but it is not concerning. He has his air on at 28% today at 1 littler which is lower than it has been which is also great! The nurse said if he kept up doing well she would try it at 25% later today... we will see. He is trying 4 bottles a day these days and isn't really wonderful about completion but is getting better.

Brock is happy today too. He has had some wonderful feeds and seems super happy here at home. We go in for his two month shots on Tuesday next week (ouch!) and his eye apt on Wednesday morning. It has finally stopped raining today so we will try to take him on another walk this afternoon. He has LOVED his two previous walks so I am hopeful today he will still like it. We are all getting a little more sleep this week. I am usually up from 230-5am and my mom has been taking the 1130p feed and Brandon takes the 530a feed. If we do this we all get some sleep!

I don't expect Christian home this week or next, but I will think it will be in about two weeks that he is with us here at home. It will be wonderful to have all our boys here with us :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

No Sleep for the Barefoot Clan

Brock before his walk

Brock doing "tummy time" to prevent a flat head.

Brock after his bath on Sunday. Burr mom!

Well we are all sleep deprived today... Mr. Brock had a gas issue last night and therefor he felt if he couldn't sleep, no one sleeps! It is a good thing he is so cute :) We had a nice Sunday with him and were able to take him on a walk today (which of course he slept through). We hope tonight can yield some better zzzz's for everyone. He is officially in newborn clothes now... so all the preemie clothes are on Christian. He is still in preemie diapers but I see those getting a bit snug as well so I see newborn size in his future soon. We haven't weighted him since last week but he does feel bigger to me.

Christian looked good to me today as well. He was 4 pounds, 10oz today and we are thrilled that he is moving to special care! This is the step down unit for the NICU and his next step on the way home. He will have his own room and they are considered the "feeders and growers" of the NICU babies. He is still doing three bottles a day and didn't do to well last night but that is ok. I still expect him to be home in two weeks or so if I were to guess. He got circumcised yesterday and did well. We are still praying that he doesn't come home on air, but we have decided it that is the worst thing that happens with this experience, we can just deal with it. It is not so bad.

We had our first night with our night nanny Kristin and just loved her! It was so nice to get 8 solid hours of sleep! We will be seeing more of her over the next few months. I have attached some pics of Brock... we have more of him since he is home. We will try to get some of Christian in his new unit tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Brock's first walk- so sleepy
Dad burping Brock.

Agggg.... good burp.

My boys :)

Brandon and I have had a great weekend enjoying our baby at home! Last night we stayed in and watched a movie with Brock and had a real family night! We woke up and took him on his first walk this morning and he did just great! I attached a few pictures of him above. He is eating, pooping and sleeping like a champ. He has a wonderful temperament and seems to be a very relaxed baby so far. Yeah!

Little Christian is doing well today. It has proven pretty hard for Brandon and I with one here and one there.... since we can't take Brock into crowds, that REALLY limits our activities as a family. I was able to scoot up there and hold Christian today while he ate. He is up to three bottle feeds a day and has been doing well at those. He eats 44 cc's at 24 calories an ounce and has gained some weight! He is up to 4 pounds 10 oz today. He is looking great and Dr. Green keeps talking about his departure... I don't think he looks ready but the doctor seems to think it will be in the next two weeks. We have also learned that there is a very real chance he will come home on air (which also means a monitor). Brandon and I really don't want this, but we are realizing it might happened and are being as positive as we can about it. He would wear the air as long as he needed it and until he grows out of it. We are just praying that he comes home with a clean bill of health and no air. He was awake while I was visiting today for most of my visit. It is sooooo hard to leave him at the hospital when brother is at home getting loved on all day.... we will really have to make up for lost time when he is home.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long but wonderful week

Christian from last night.
More of our little guy making a face at dad.

Who is there?!? Why are you taking my picture ?!?

We have had quite the week around the Barefoot household. I started to feel sick on Tuesday and assumed it was from lack of sleep... wrong. I have a sinus infection that the doctor diagnosed yesterday. Tuesday we were able to get a bit more sleep by my mom, Brandon and I all taking an evening shift for feeding. We all got 6 hours or more which worked out really well. Then I was diagnosed with the sinus infection on Wed. and could no longer touch Brock. Poor Brandon and my mom had to work all day and night for the baby and I couldn't help at all! They did wonderfully with the baby and he was so well taken care of! On wed. Brock had his first doctors apt with the pediatrician. I had interviewed him over the phone while on bedrest but had not met him in person. We really liked him and he thought Brock was doing great! He had gained 6 oz in two days and now weights in at 5 pounds, 6 oz. The doctor told us how handsome he was and told us to "start enjoying him." We will! He can't go out much for the next six months and we have to avoid all crowds with him and Christian as well when they come home. We can go outside with them and that is about all.... it will be a long flu season for us. Although everyone realizes it is not possible to never take the babies out, we will do the best we can and try to make good choices. Brock is an EXCELLENT eater (although very messy) and we are just thrilled with his weight gain. He is a good baby that doesn't cry to much unless we mess with him a lot. I wonder if we will get lucky and have TWO that don't cry often... I hope so!
Christian is doing well in the hospital. He has been moved to a garden room, which is a stage before you go home so we know we are in the final stretch. He is one 1/2 litter of air at 30-35 percent and has been doing pretty well on his bottle feeds I have heard. I had to avoid the hospital on Wed. since I was sick and just popped my head in today to see him without touching him. Brandon went in last night and fed our little guy and he took down his whole bottle with him and again with the nurse last night. I can't wait to go in and feed him and see his progress. Last weight check he was 4 pounds, 6 oz and really looks like his old self again. He is still eating 38 cc's (a bit over an ounce) every 8 hours. He had our favorite nurse, Amber, today and tomorrow so I know he is in excellent hands :)

What a whirlwind, thrilling, educating and exhausting week. I didn't know there was more love in my heart until I got to hold my little man in my arms in our home. There is HUGE appreciation from us to have our first baby with us. I really can't wait to have our whole family here together whole and healthy. I have realized this week was a truly outstanding father my husband is and I feel so lucky that he and I are partners in this experience. It takes a village to raise I child is something I truly believe.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One long, wonderful night

Well it was a long night for mom and I here with Brock. He got pretty gassy last night and fussed all night. Mom and I did not get much sleep here at home!!! We have discovered what a really good little eater he is and have enjoyed looking at his cute little face all day. We are going to try moving him into the nursery tonight and see if that increased our level of sleep!!! We are also figuring out a good routine for this little guy!

Little Christian was doing well today. He ate 9 of 38 cc's through the bottle. He is a totally different eater than Brock and I can tell this is going to take quite a bit longer to get to where Brock is today. Christian needs to get stronger to suck better and be able to feed longer. He had his eyes wide open and was in a pretty good mood today. He weights 4 pounds, 8oz today.

Monday, September 14, 2009

One home, one to go!

Well, we successfully have Brock home with us and he is doing great!! It only took us three diapers the first time :) Since Brandon is gone for work tonight, I have enlisted nana Lois to come help out with the first baby. We are working on our schedule for feeding times and she has graciously offered to take the 2:30am tonight. Thanks mom! We had some photos taken of him by the hospital staff today and got all discharged and were home about 1230p. Both Brandon and I watched the CPR video and were good to go.

Christian had his second bottle feeding from me today and took down 14 cc's which is pretty good. He is not a sloppy eater (unlike brother) and takes lots of breaks in between sips. I don't have weights on either baby today... I think Brock is still around 5 pounds today and I don't know about brother. I will be going to see Christian each day around lunch still while my mom is here and she will watch Brock.

It is so nice to have part of our family home...now we just have to get brother on the same page!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brock is on his way home!

Well I got a call from Dr. Green on Sat. afternoon and he let me know that little Brock was ready to be discharged on Monday!! We went in today and brought his car seat for his car seat test, he passed his hearing test and given his discharge shots and was circumcised today. We will be able to take him home tomorrow as long as he "acts ok" overnight with no episodes. We are just thrilled!!! Hopefully we will be home in the afternoon tomorrow as long as everything goes well.

Christian took a bottle for the second time today and he took more than half (about 20 cc's). It was so exciting to see him start to eat and he will start with two bottles a day. I will still go in around lunch and spend time with him while someone watches little Brock for me. Once Brock is out of the NICU, he can't come back so that will be a bit challenging for Brandon and I.

We will keep everyone posted if we have one twin "sprung" tomorrow!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi Brothers!

We had a good day at the NICU today. Brock is still eating all 8 meals from a bottle and doing really well. He is taking down 60-80 cc's a meal even though he is only required to take down 44. When we nursed today he got 30 from me and we did 40 in the bottle. Well done!

Christian is eating 29 cc's today and is moving up one cc every other feeding. His cannula air was decreased a little and he seemed ok with it today. If he has a good weekend we might try to bottle feed him again on Monday... we will see. The nurses were not sure his lungs were quite up for it yet.
Both boys lost a couple of ounces in their weigh in last night. Brock, 4 pounds 13.5oz and Christian 4 pounds, 6 oz. The nurses decided that Brock could be unplugged and brought to brother for a photo shoot today. Aren't they just darling!! I have a feeling I will have my hands full for awhile :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We have a 5 pounder today!

Christian in his Steelers gear

Brock supporting his team.

Hi- We had a great day at the hospital today. Brock hit 5 pounds! He is taking all 8 of his feedings from a bottle and doing well. He is eating about 45cc's and doing really great in there. He will need to work on eating well and not having any brady's (periods were he stops breathing) for 5 days. He had three today while I was there feeding him so this is what may take us awhile.

Christian had a clean head scan today! Yeah!!!! It showed no visable difference from his week one scan. Praise the Lord he is doing well! He weighed in at 4 pounds, 8 oz (same as yesterday) and was up to 25 cc's and they will reduce his fluids when he hits 26 cc's tonight. They talked about trying to bottle feed him again soon and we will see what the developmental feeding nurse says.

The boys were trying to help dad celebrate his birthday today as well as the Steelers' home opener tonight.

Thank you all so much for the prayers for our little boys. God's hands have been placed upon them and he has watched out for our little men through this journey.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Darling Boys

Christian making a face.
Christian with developmental pediatrician

Baby Christian with a clear nose.

Another one of Christian without anything on his face. The nurses let me snap several while they were changing him back to his cannula.

Isn't he darling!


The twins looked great today. Christian was at 4 pounds 8 oz and has finally started to pee out some of the fluid that has been sitting on him. He lost 5 oz in fluid last night and I bet it will be more today. He has finally started to look like his old self! He is on 21 cc's of milk and is tolerating the feedings well. He had an apt with a developmental person today and he was able to hold his head up in a sitting position on the third try. Very nice. He has finally started to get his bowels moving and not only did he pee and poop on me, he also hit himself, the nurse and his own head earlier today. His head scan is tomorrow so keep praying for a good clean brain scan for him. He is back on the cannula from his "box" air and was doing well on it today.

Brock did a really great job feeding today and took down 14 cc's breast feeding and the remaining 44 in a bottle all in 30 minutes. He was a champ today! He was at 4 pounds, 14.5 oz and was looking good today. He doesn't really have new news. He ate all 4 bottles yesterday and was doing well today as well. He had a brady while he was with me today but was able to come out of it on his own. I don't know when we will increase bottles... he may need a few more days of being a superstar.

They are such cute little darlings... thank you all for continuing to pray for them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doing Well Today

The boys are doing well today. Brock took down 4 cc's breast feeding and 25 out of the bottle after that which is great. He spills quite a bit of food out of his bottle so we tried a couple of different things so he wouldn't spill so much... none of them worked. I guess he is just a spiller. He weighed 4 pounds, 15 oz today! Almost 5 pounds!!!

Christian got in a "big boy bed" today since he was warming himself nicely. He was at 4 pounds, 12 oz today and still looked puffy, but not nearly as puffy as he looked this weekend. Both he and brother (and all the other babies in their nursery) are stuffy so they were both put on nose drops today and Christian was put under a hood which acts just like a cannula and looks like a baby facial. It should leave his nose free and help him with the stuffiness. He is on 17cc's of food (a bit more than half an ounce) and he will be at 18 next feeding.

Both boys had visitors again today and I know they love seeing Aunt Ashley and my mom. We were pleased to see that Dr. Green had them moved teams so he could still be their doctor today. They are both now on the Green team and he did their check up while I was there today. We really like that since he has been with the boys quite a bit and really knows their personalities.

Brandon has his 1 year, 3 month cancer check up tests on Thursday with the results next week so make sure to keep him in your prayers as well as the boys. Lots of big tests this week and we hope everyone is clean and clear.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Day in the NICU

Elizabeth and Aaron with Christian

Christian all stretched out. Please mom... don't let them exam my eyes!

Baby Brock after his feeding.

The twins had some visitors today and also got eye exams so it has been a big Monday for them! Christian looked a bit better today. He is still on the cannula and seems to be doing ok on it today. He is at 12cc's of milk and will increase over the next 8 feedings. They got some of the water off him and his hand, feet and face are less swollen although he is still pretty puffy. He has several reasons that he is puffy and only time will take care of it. He got held by both mom and dad today and did well at his eye exam today. We meet with Dr. Green again today and he just thinks more time to heal and this little guy will be doing better. He thought maybe another week or so before we tried bottle feeding again. He is at 4 pounds, 12 oz today and 17 1/4 inches.

Brock is also doing well. He is eating 44cc's (almost 1.5 ozs) and is up to four bottles a day. He had a bad bottle day yesterday but did a bit better with Dad feeding him today. He took down about 25cc's with him during his bottle today. He weights 4 pounds, 14 oz today and is also 17 1/4 inches. We have still be trying to breastfeed but he is not that interested this week. He also did well in his eye exam. Poor babies... it looked pretty uncomfortable.

Dr. Green seems to think that in 6 months this will all be a distant memory for us. We hope and pray he is right and that all our little issues with these guys will be gone soon. We are so ready to have two healthy babies home. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful prayers for these little guys, keep them up!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Big Boys

Brock is ready to hunt!

Isn't he cute

Well both boys were 4 pounds, 12 oz today. It is a large gain for both but we were warned that much of Christian's might be the blood he received so he might go back down some tonight. Christian is still on CPAP and seems to be doing well. We have a couple of items that we would like everyone to pray for our little guys today. 1. Christian to have his lungs grow and developer. 2. Christian has a brain scan in about a week to check for any damage during his illness... we pray this is totally normal and he has no damage and lastly pray for feedings on both by boys to be successful and for them to keep growing big and strong. Christian is eating 12cc's every three hours and seems to be tolerating it well. We are not able to dress Christian right now since the nurses need to look at his lungs while he breathes... so no photos of hunting gear for him today.

Brock is doing well on his feedings. He is eating 42cc's and the nurses put about 50-55 in his bottle to see if he is still hungry at the end of 42. Yesterday he and I had another "attempt" at breastfeeding... wow, it is hard! Both of us seem a little frustrated, but I am not one to give up so easily! We will keep trying once a day and he gets two bottles a day. Yesterday I was able to give him a bottle after our attempt and he took down the whole thing! He is a great little eater :) Dr. Green started talking about his steps to come home which is a great sign. He needs to take down all 8 bottles a day and have no brady episodes for 5 days.... we will have a ways to go but the end of the road is near. We have two pictures of him in his hunting gear above.

Thank you all for the prayers, please keep them coming for our boys, especially little Christian.

Friday, September 4, 2009

One step forward and one step back

Hi- Poor little Christian is back on CPAP today. He was breathing very fast so they put him back on to help him out a little. Therefore, we suspended bottle feedings in him today. He will get a shot to help him burn off some fluid and a bit more blood today to get him back up to the normal range. Please keep this little guy in your prayers to be wonderfully healthy!!!

Brock and I attempted breast feeding today, it didn't go so well for either of us and he wasn't able to take down any cc's. He has been doing well on the bottle though so they will keep that up.

Both boys weighted in at 4 pounds, 8 oz today. They have also been joined in the NICU by some natural quads! I hope I get to meet the mom... they think three of them might be identical. Wow, I can't imagine going through the NICU experience times 4!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Bottle Feeding Babies

Dad and Christian's first bottle feed! Great job boys!!!

Look Dad, no hands!

Christian sleeping like his mom...

Brock looks so excited to start breastfeeding

Uggg... so much work today....It is hard to be a preemie.

Hello- To our surprised Dr. Green thought it was time to try Christian on the bottle today. We felt like true parents trying to juggle two babies and two feedings :) Brandon was a trooper and volunteered to do Christians first bottle feed. The boys did an all American try but were unable to get him to feed. The nurse took over and got just four cc's down him. He might just take a little bit more time than brother to learn. I believe he will try once a day until he does a bit better. He is eating 8 cc's right now and is really doing great! We are so proud that he was even able to try today, a sign that he is really much better!!

Brock and I attempted breast feeding today. We met with an expert and got our training and away we went. He did a great job but was also only able to get 4 cc's down. I was impressed he did so well on his first try. The lactation nurse thought he was a "natural" and did better than some of her full term newborns. He is eating 42cc's right now. I was very impressed with both of my boys today. True mommy pride. I got weights on both boys but with all the action today, I forgot what they were... sorry!! I know it was a gain for both boys. I will re-check tomorrow.

Keep up the prayers for those little boys. We need some good feedings and continued weight gain from both of them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Wednesday in the NICU

I love that little face... he was not a big fan of the flash. Here is Christian without his CPAP and on his cannula.
Side view of Christian

Another Christian pic. Brandon and I always giggle at his shots and the look he gives the camera :)

We had a great day with the boys today. I worked today and was able to go in and feed at 230p, a little later than my normal time but it was worth the wait! Christian was moved off his CPAP again and to a cannula! He looks so much more comfortable and we are thrilled he is doing so well. He also got to start feeding again today and was able to take 3cc's every three hours today. If that goes down well, he will be moved to 6 cc's tonight and then they will reevaluate him tomorrow. They are also seeing if he still needs his warming bed and might be able to move to a bassinet soon if he does well. He weighted in at 4 pounds 2 oz today. We are both so proud of our little guy!!! He is a superstar!

Brother Brock also had a great day today. He weighted in at 4 pounds, 8.7oz. He has been moved up to 42cc's of milk (almost 1.5oz per feed) and is still on 24 cal. fortifier. He has been bottle feeding for three days now, still at two bottles a day. Today it was just me and the nurse that feed him and he took down 30 of his 42 cc's which is great! He looked a little "milk drunk" toward the end and fell asleep on me so we had to put the rest in the tube. He is getting better about breathing I think, and even though mom is just as inexperienced we are learning together how to feed. I love this process and really feel this is a bonding experience for us. I can't wait to do it with Christian as well. If all goes as planned we will start breast feeding Brock tomorrow.

As a mom, I already feel my time is being pulled in two directions as I try to give each one equal love and attention. I have found this to be almost impossible as each day one of them needs more time from me than the other. I think this is something in life I will just have to get used to. Also on a personal note, a big thanks to my husband for putting up with his still hurting, sore and sometimes cranky wife for five weeks. I really thought I would be totally healed by now and I am not and you are taking wonderful care of me! Thanks honey!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today was a good day in the NICU

Hi- We had a good day in the NICU. Christian got a little pedia light (sp?) in his tummy and will get that all day. If all goes well then tomorrow they will try some milk. He looked well today with good color and was wiggling and moving around. He got a water pill to help him lose some fluid in his hands and feet. He is still on CPAP and was doing pretty well on his air.

Brock was doing well also. He was moved to 40cc's of milk fortified to 24 calories. I got to feed him today and he did really well and took down 35 of the 40 cc's. Apparently his feeding last night went well also and he took down 36cc's which is great! We will do 2 feedings a day until he can complete both of them with no problems and then move to three etc. This was my first time to feed a little baby and I have to say it went pretty well!