Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 2010

Chloe Newby and Grady Brazelton at the pool party
Brock, Chloe and Christian in matching outfits at the pool party.

Mary Michael Shuff and C at the pool party

Mom and C last week.

Brock eating his finger foods last weekend.

Mom and B last weekend.

B before his bath.

C before his bath

C brushing his teeth before bed.

B before bed time.

C and mom.

C at the pool party.

B, Chloe Newby and C.

What a fun month we have had with the babies this month. They are really turning into little me. Brock is all over the place and can no stand on his own sometimes and Christian is all over the furniture moving about. Nothing is safe in our house :) We take C in for his pre-op surgery apt. tomorrow morning and then meet with the developmental ped.'s office tomorrow afternoon. He has his surgery scheduled for next Wed. in the morning. Brandon and I are dreading it but I know it is for the best.
This weekend we have a low-key weekend planned and I just can't believe my little men are turning ONE next week! Really, where did the time go?!? What a pleasure it has been having them in our lives for a whole year. What did we ever do without the munchkins?!?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hawaii and more

Grammy Karen with C.
B and C's feet.

All the Barefoot Men

B and C.


B and J at the Lu'ua

Polo beach in front of the condo

Sunset cruise

Zipline tour

Live music in front of the condo

Hi- We have been SOOOOO busy around the Barefoot house and haven't had time to blog. I will run through really fast what we have been up too. All of June, Brandon was in and out with work so the boys and I had lots of alone time. We made it through and Brandon and I took our first alone trip over July 4th to Maui. We had a great time, some much needed fun in the sun, but also really missed the guys too. Brandon's parents, grandma Pearl and Aunt Kris all spent time with the guys while we were gone and you can just tell the boys had a great time!

We got back from our trip and had a doc apt with C last week for his "stress induced fat pads" that developed during his NICU stay. Our plastic surgeon will do the surgery on 7/28 (his b-day poor little guy) and remove the pads. It is day surgery so we should be home in the afternoon.
The boys made lots of leaps and bounds while we were gone. B now says mama :) He is cruising all over furniture and could "out crawl" me in a competition. C is more comfortable on his tummy and can also cruise furniture. He will not crawl right now so we are just not sure if that is a skill he is going to do right now. He loves to "walk" when you hold his hands. They are turning into little men before our very eyes :)