Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Exciting times around the Barefoot household

We have been soooo busy over here! Our biggest thing has been the first cold for the twins (and then of course mom as well). Christian started us off with the sniffles and then lost his voice totally on Friday night while we were hanging our tree. Although we had some relief from the constant crying around here (haha) we wanted to get him in to see the ped. right away. After a 2.5 hour visit (scary office the Saturday before a holiday weekend) he is just fine and we have a breathing machine here to relief his stuffy nose for the next few days. His voice is back and stronger than ever. I have learned a good baby lesson... they get out the "gook" in their body by puking it up on mom. I got thrown up on this weekend at least 5 times from the babies. It kind of made me want to return the favor to Brandon :)

Brandon and I got our tree up with my sisters help on Friday. We had a visit from Don (Brandon's dad) on Friday and we have been super busy getting ready to see my family for thanksgiving this week. The boys are ready to meet the world... are you all ready for them?!?

I have gone back to work three days a week and that just makes everything that much crazier around here. I am loving having some "adult time" though and three days is just PERFECT right now! I am so ready to hand them to Sandra on Monday and sooooo ready to get them back full time on Thursday. I am in a very lucky spot right now :)

Just wanted to shoot a quick update... I am sure we will have LOTS of pictures after this week! Happy Turkey Day if I don't post before then.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend so far

Brock, Christian
Brock, Christian

Thursday night... Christian, Brock

C & B

C trying to bite B's arm... yummmm

B and C

Brock on left, Christian on right

Here are some pics Brandon and I were snapping of the guys yesterday. They love to look at the fan so we can sometimes get them to look together.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well the boys did great at their doctor apt today for the RSV shots... Brock weighed in at 11 pounds, 2 oz and Christian at 9 pounds, 7 oz. Very big boys :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere

11-10- A normal night around the Barefoot household.

Jenn and Jenn with our multiples. Taken with camera phone... sorry about the quality.

Mom with her screaming babies after her workout.

Mom and Christian.

Drew Eckman and Brock last Friday.

Christian in his bumbo seat... they are not big fans right now... it does seem to induce spit up.

Dad and Brock last night. Cute!

Good head lift Brock!

Brock in his bumbo seat.

Billy and Christian on Friday... I think Christian is sleepy :)

I have been trying to write a post all week and I am just now getting to it... the life of a twins mom I guess. Last weekend Brandon and I had a wonderful date night out with some of his friends and then on Saturday we went to visit some of our friends who are new parents of triplets! All five babies were a hoot and all were very well behaved. We had two of Brandon's friends visit the babies on Friday as well. I have included a couple of pics from the last few days. We have fully vocal babies now and have a LOT of crying going on :) Brock LOVES to be held and fusses when you put him down and Christian is more patient and tends to cry when Brock starts first. We have our hands full each day ;)
I made what I feel is my most mom purchase this week... the family Christmas tree. I think it just dawned on me that now I am in charge of providing a holiday experience instead of one being provided for me. Big mom moment.
We have made some big steps at night and are now eating at 11p and 4a and 8a. Keep in mind this DOES NOT mean the twins don't cry at 2a (their old feed time) but I don't feed them until 4a. Brandon and I will be thrilled the day they start to sleep through the night. I know it is coming... we just hope it is sooner rather than later. Brock is ready to go further, but Christian is not and we are keeping them on the same schedule around here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Weight

Hi- Just a quick note... Christian weighted 8 pounds 6.6 oz today and is officially moved from 24 calorie food to 22 calorie food with Brock. He was a good boy for me at the doctor today. We will not have to see the doctor again until our 4 month check up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Jenn and my aunt Kathy with the boys.
The twins in their costumes in their ranch photo shoot


Brandon and I took the boys for a walk on Wednesday in their costumes since it was pretty cold. Christian is the tiger and Brock is the giraffe.

Kathy holding both boys :)

My parents with the boys.

Sara (and soon to be born Grady), Brandon with Christian, Jenn with Brock and Bryan with Maggie (dressed like a cow) at the ranch.

My little tiger was over the photo shoot

Before our walk on Wednesday.

Brock trying out his giraffe outfit on Wednesday.

Brock with his bib stuck on his head on Sat. morning. So cute :)

Dad with his boys. Aren't they the cutest :)

We had a wonderful Halloween week at the Barefoot household. We spent the week here in Dallas and then on Friday we went to the ranch and had a wonderful dinner with Sara and Bryan, my parents and my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan. The last time Kathy had seen the boys was in the NICU so they were quite a bit bigger to her! On Saturday we had a fun photo shoot with the boys on the ranch. After we got home we got more visitors from Ashley and Michael Nadeau and Ashley's mom Betty (in from Omaha). The twins got to show off their costumes one more time to the group and they loved all the attention.

Christian goes back to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check tomorrow and Brandon flies to San Antonio for work! Big Monday around here.
We are trying to get the boys out for lots of walks this fall while it is so nice. We get lots of comments and stopped quite a bit in our big twin stroller. Brandon and I don't mind at all and have loved showing our babies off to the neighborhood.