Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tales from Toddlerhood

We have been treading water here at the Barefoot household this week. Brandon has been on a work trip to Arkansas since Monday morning so momma and the boys have been hangin’! Christian and I had a stomach thing on Monday and Tuesday (ugg) and Brock was having his own stomach issues. Lots of crying (twins) but we made it through.

A couple of interesting things for this week… bath time is the hardest part of the day for me when Brandon is traveling. On Monday I decided to keep one in the highchair (Brock) and while he is finishing dinner I bathed Christian quickly, and then dressed him in the living room. Next I put on cartoon for Christian and took Brock in the back and bathed him and then came out and dressed him in the living room. Perfection! I did it all three nights this week and success every night! This could be a keeper for our routine when it is just me.

Other interesting things around here are happening every day. I think Christian is a tiny genius :) He can put his puzzles together so well, put shapes in his shape sorter alone! I am so proud of him. He is really growing up FAST! He said “pup” the other day for puppy and he is really working on his skills. It makes Brock so mad that Christian can put Lego's together and do some things he can’t. He usually destroys his work and throws it on the floor. Patients grasshopper… soon we will all master these skills.

Both Brock and Christian are climbing machines! They are on furniture, chairs, tables and anything else they can find. Christian is a little more flexible still so he is up on things first usually. Brock has also started jumping off into our arms… we just hope we are looking before he goes.

Fun fact about Brock, he calls everything with fur and four legs "puppy". We were looking out the window today and we saw a squirrel in the front yard. So I said "Brock, look a squirrel... what do you want to name him?" Brock said "puppy!" So we now have a squirrel named puppy that resides in our front lawn :) So funny.

Brandon and I had our first pool scare last weekend. Our pool is covered in the winter and we always tell the boys not to go on the cover (which would keep them out of the pool covered or not covered). We were both outside with the boys and in about 2 seconds Christian ran over and ran onto the pool cover. He was knee deep in water and it was COLD. He was not scared at all. Brandon had to get on his belly to get him out and needless to say it scared both of us pretty bad. We had gotten some quotes on pool fences the day before and I think that incident sold us. We have one more company to interview but wow that all can happen soooo fast! It is always a wild ride around here!

What is amazing me is how fast it is really going. Are my babies really going to be 2 this summer?!? Boys after church on Sunday. We took off the polo shirts under the overalls and started calling them Cletus and Cooter. Our little redneck twins!
Brock has a blue bucket on his head and Christian is waiting to slide. Just another typical moment here at the Barefoot house.

Boys sitting on our coffee table. C has his hand in his mouth.

After church, lunch and Sam's club on Sunday. SOOOO tired... couldn't make it home. We are about 1/2 mile from home.

In the video below Brock is using his new vacuum. He is the cutest house cleaner I have ever seen :) I so rarely buy the boys toys. We have gotten lots from other people and feel so luckily that we have not have to buy much in the toy world. Today I bought the boys a couple of toys. No reason, just cause. I was so excited to give them there new things! We all had such a fun night playing with the new vacuum and new piano. They couldn't even wait until I got the box off the piano, so much fun!!! What a fun treat! I saved one for when Brandon gets home for them to see so he can see the fun look too :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy Busy!

Hope you are not tired of seeing pictures of the park b.c I have a feeling we will have LOTS this summer!! Grandma and Grandpa Barefoot gave us the Varsity outfits below.... so cute!!! Boys are still working on more and more words. Brock has ball now and C is working on it. They LOVE to watch videos of themselves on my phone. It is so cute!! Lots of playing, lots of busy busy toddler work over here. Brock in his cute jersey.



C in his jersey.

Boys sending some emails before their snack last weekend :)
Brock is sooooo tired from a long morning of playing.

Where am I?
What did the boys have for dinner? Spaghetti!!!
There I am!!!
Christian looking at the camera this time :)
Climbing at the park. Both boys can climb up this now without any help.

Should I go???

C on the bridge at the park.

C heading down the slide.

C hanging.


C got a lot of press this week.

B playing in the tunnel with a new friend.

C down the slide.

B down the slide
C in the tunnel.

C diving out of the tunnel.