Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct Already?!?

 The boys sunning outside in our beautiful weather!
 Brock playing in the tailgate bounce house at the SMU game.  The boys ate snacks, bounced, chased dogs, and caused mayhem at the tailgate.
 Christian having a great time!
 Brock and Jenn on his first pony ride at our neighborhood fall festival.
 He did not want mommy's help riding.  He kept taking my hand off the saddle so he could do it all himself.  My little grown man.  I need to get the photos of Brandon taking C.

C at the pumpkins

 B loved throwing pumpkins
 Christian is SOOO over pictures
 Ok, now he is good!

 Poor C, a rug burn, escalator accident, wagon fall and sad mood all in one picture.
 B looking cute.  He loved throwing the pumpkins

 C loving the pile of pumpkins
 Grady and boys running through the pumpkins
 C giving B a sideways look.
 C is strong!
 C and mommy kissing.
 Brock is running so fast he is flying!
 C is over our kiss.
 Boys... look at mommy for the picture
 G loves that pumpkin
 Ok I have not laughed this hard in awhile.  B was playing on this pumpkin and it took him down.  He rolled off the bale and the pumpkin flatted him.  A group of grandparents ran over since he was pinned under the pumpkin.  They were so worried about him and Sara and I could not stop laughing.
 Reading a book before our lunch in the arboretum.  Mom packed PB & J for everyone.  Big hit!
 Brock is mad he has to share.

The Barefoot boys and mom have been so so so busy!  Fall festival, pumpkin pictures (with mom as the photographer) playmates, tailgates, fun and family really sum up these last few weeks.  Mom got a new computer (yeah) and that has slowed me down blogging.  I had killed my last PC and now I am a officially Mac computer user.  LOVE the new computer.  It is so fast and slick.  

We also went to the State Fair and fed the boys the world famous corn dogs, watched a dog show and were sad that we were to small for the midway.  The boys were so tired from their big day, they fell asleep in the parking lot of the state fair.

Boys have lots of new phrases... I'm sorry, Brock has started to say Christian "Mommy, where's Christian?"  Christian knows so many items.  He loves to tell us where things are "Daddy, truck!" and then he points it out.  He also likes all his boo boo's kissed.  "Mommy, Boo Boo" and then he holds out his hand or foot for me to kiss. So cute.

Brock is also concerned about stuff animal boo boo's so we have to kiss puppy's boo boos as well.  He is a crazy entertainer and dances for Brandon and I every night.  Christian LOVES to ride his bike in the house, take off all the cushions on the couch and use them as a launching pad.  He also LOVES to wrestle with Brock and win :)  He can still get  a snack off of any person, anywhere.  He loves any cute lady to pick him up and we find him in the arms of cute ladies at the car show at the state fair, ladies at church and making friends at the park.  He is a ladies man for sure.

I will be so ready when the boys stop running off so much in public.  It is still a big challenge for us to take them places since the run in all directions.  I think in a year or so we will be better about trying to run in the street and maybe looking in front of us.  When we took them to the tailgate I don't think Brandon and I sat for more than 2 minutes at a time.  They were WILD.  They run and scream and dart.  They are fast, organized and tireless :)  Now if we could be those things too!

C is so into his daddy these days.  I am trying to not take it personally but I am chopped liver to that kid.  He does not care who else is in the room, he only has eyes for his daddy.  I hope soon he is back into mommy but I know Brandon loves it.

B and I are off to OK this weekend to watch the OU/Tech game with his friends.  We are excited and Nana and Papa are going to watch them overnight.  Thank God for grandparents!

Also, make sure to keep Grammy in your prayers.  She is one chemo treatment down with 5 to go.  She is doing wonderfully with a positive attitude and loads of faith.  Grammy, we pray for you every day.