Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ear Infection, Pink Eye and Diarrhea oh my!

What a crazy couple of weeks! As I think I mentioned in an earlier post Christian has been VERY cranky lately. Turns out he had an ear infection. We took him in last Tuesday and got him all checked out and he got 10 days of antibiotics. Then, Brock got diarrhea later that week and we have been battling a terrible diaper rash since. Finally, Brock had crusty eye this morning which turned out to be PINK EYE! AHHHHH. Apparently very contagious so we are doing LOTS of hand washing. So now we have drops for the ears, drops for the eyes and pink antibiotics for C. I guess this is what happens when you put your kid with other kiddos after a very sheltered year. I guess the boys are working on their immunities.

Also at the end of last week we got to hid in the bathroom during the twister and on Monday we woke up to a VERY hot house... our air conditioned died. After a consultation, LOTS of sweating and bargaining, we have a new trane unit outside. It is nice and cool in here today. Yeah!

Hopefully we will have two healthy kiddos to drop off for our third MDO day... I hope we are getting all built up with our immunities.

On the plus side, Christian is walking so much better. We call his walk the "frankinToddle". He holds his arms at a 90 degree angle and darts for a wall or furniture. So cute. He started to get more adventurous last Thursday and has been just doing great! He can make it from our living room table to the front door if he wants to. Brock is a spitfire these days. He practically runs around now and walking is his major form of locomotion.

They are becoming little men before our eyes. We will try to take more pics this weekend. We all have their once a year NICU reunion on Sat. (we can only go for a few minutes) but I hope we can see some of our wonderful nurses and staff.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Brock making a new friend down the hall
Brock, super excited to see mommy at 2p!

Christian is deciding if he likes it here...

The boys going to their class room.

The boys had their first day of school today and they did great!! We arrived a little before 9 and picked them up at 2. Apparently no one napped but they must have had fun since they are still asleep :)

Christian has had a VERY cranky week and we don't know if is because we weened him off his acid reflux meds to fast or if he is getting a tooth or what. We just know he is crying and isn't able to be comforted. Needless to say, we were not to sad to have a couple of hours of quiet around here. We have re-started him on his medication and I hope that helps.