Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Austin, Turkey Day and RSV!

Well it has been an exciting two weeks around this place. We traveled to Austin to visit Brooke and her family and had a GREAT time! Anderson is so cute and the boys all had such fun playing! Mom came home very tired from the weekend of chasing babies, a horrible car ride alone with the kids (150 miles of screaming) and early mornings (don't the babies know we are supposed to sleep in on vacation?!?). All was worth it to see my favorite Austin momma :)

We got home on Sunday and packed the boys back up on Wednesday for Thanksgiving in Fort Worth. But before we could go, we had two puking babies on Monday (Brock) and Wednesday (Christian) and then I got a little sick on Wednesday night and Brandon had it on Sunday. Both my parents got the flu from the boys on Friday and Sara's family all really had it over the weekend. Yikes! One way to work off our thanksgiving turkey I guess. The babies were both pretty difficult over the thanksgiving holiday which made us take in Brock to the doctor on Sat. morning. He has RSV and an ear infection. Ugg. We have been giving him a breathing treatment for his cough and antibiotics for the ear infection. Christian hasn't gotten the RSV yet and we are praying he doesn't. Brock is not to sick and is not running a fever at all. We think he was most likely on the tail end of it by the time we actually took him to the doctor. He is actually pretty spunky so I don't think he has a bad case.

I have pictures from Thanksgiving to post (at a later time) and some cute ones of all the babies in Fort Worth. Hope you all had a great turkey day. This makes our second Thanksgiving in a row with sick babies (ironically from almost the same thing). It was wonderful to see our grandma Jane over the holiday. The last time she got to see the babies they were not even sitting up so this was a BIG change!

We have a big weekend of birthday parties (Grady) and Christmas parties this weekend so we need better babies quick :) We are also getting ready to have Brandon's whole family in town in two weeks which will be great fun. Most of them have not been able to see the babies since last year and this is a HUGE change!

Post pics soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It is Officially Winter in Texas!

Boys at the photo shoot

Brock found a stick that he WOULD NOT let go during the photo shoot. So cute!

Brock likes to lift the weights in our house. Strong man!

Right before our photo shoot

C at the mall

B and C at the mall

C in tunnel

C in the tunnel at the Galleria play yard.

Brock testing out the wheel.

Christian giving it a spin.

B and C modeling their new hats.


So we took the boys to the mall last weekend since it was rainy and yucky. There were TONS of kiddos playing in the indoor playground so we just stayed a few minutes. The boys are some of the smaller kids that play there so mom has tried to make sure they don't get run over by the big kids. Saturday afternoon we had a photo shoot with an old sorority sister of mine, Lea. I can't wait to see the pictures! It was a bit more difficult now that the boys are so mobile. This week the boys also modeled their new hats for us. So funny and cute!!!

Brandon and I are taking them to Austin this weekend to see The Gerault clan and so Brandon can do his Warrior Dash race on Saturday. I am so excited to see Brooke this weekend and I know the boys will have such FUN with Anderson!
I tried to post my first video on the blog... I don't usually do naked videos of the boys but they are so cute running around in their winter hats! I hope it works!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

15 Month Check Up

This weekend at Whole Foods in the grocery cart/car. This photo is REALLY representative of how we are each day around here!

Well we have a new big guy! Christian beat out his little brother on weight this last week at their 15 month! Christian weights 24 pounds, 2 oz and was 32" tall. He was in the 50% for weight, 75 % for height and 75% for head size. Big Boy! He had grown 1 1/4 inch in a little over 2 months. Wow! Since this guy was born at 14 1/2 inches that is pretty amazing to me!
Brock did great at his apt too weighing in at 23 pounds 11 oz and 32" tall. He also had the same exact head size as Christian (48cm). He was very close to 50% weight and same on all the other statistics. The doctor was very impressed with both boys and we got the same advise on Brock's breath holding tantrums as before.... leave him alone and he will just quit when he is ready (about 3 years old or so). She told us some kids are just more difficult than others and it is a total personality thing. She said most kids who start tantrums like this early like this end up being type A personalities. Wonder where he gets that?!? FYI, I am bringing this up in his wedding toast....j/k :)
She also gave me permission to keep our night time bottle for a little while longer. They were supposed to be cut off all bottles as of 15 months and I think Brock would be just fine but Christian is a bit more picky with his milk sippy cups and gets most of his milk at night before bed. I am going to keep him on it at least another month to make sure he is ready to drop that liquid. He loves it so much and I just don't think he is ready just yet. Good news for Brock since he is in the team he gets to keep drinking milk too (although I do feel he is ready to drop the bottle).
Boys are starting to slow down in weigh gain since they take life on at full speed ahead. Very normal for little toddlers and they have really slimmed down :( We now have little men instead of babies.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloweeeeeeen Part 2

Our best shot... Brock is not so happy.

My parents and the boys!

Grady loves his costume

A tired mom and the boys... it has been a long day :)

Grandma Linn and Christian

Getting everyone to look at the camera proved to much...

Grandpa showing Brock that the helmet is not really so bad.

I ran out of picture room on my last post so here are a couple more from the weekend of Halloween. Brock did NOT like his helmet. Such a sad baby.

Weather has turned cold and rainy here... perfect sleeping in weather and the babies and I took advantage this morning and snoozed until 745a. Lovely.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeen! Part 1

Hello Yoda. So fitting for C. Wise little man :)

Boys at the patch. C on left, B on right.

Mom and C.

B holding his pumpkin pick.

Christian can't choose which one he wants.

Hi Mom! Brock.

Babies on the move.

C eating his cupcake at the birthday party on Sat.

Mom and B having his cupcake.

Chloe the birthday girl and Brock

Chewy at the party. So cute!

Darth refuses to wear his helmet.

Yoda and the B-day girl.

Yoda checking out he equipment.




It has been another great couple of weeks around here except it was MOM's turn to get sick! Brandon and I had his 10 year reunion from college (old man!) and toward the end of the night I had lost my voice and was feeling really sick. It was bad by Sunday morning. After a quick trip to a CareNow I had the yuck. Per doctors orders I was to stay away from the babies. Thank you Brandon for being a single parent until I was able to get out of bed! Before that Sunday, we took the babies to buy pumpkins at a local patch. They LOVED the little pumpkins and Brock picked out a couple of little ones he liked and carried them all around the patch. We didn't get very many good ones of them together... they were having WAY to much fun to stop for the camera :)

Last Friday my parents came to Dallas to see the guys in their costumes for Halloween. Christian was Yoda, Brock was Darth Vader and Grady was Chewbaka (sp?). They were soooo cute!!! Sat afternoon they all had a party at the Little Gym in costumes celebrating a friend's 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Chloe! The boys had SUCH a wonderful time running and jumping and more running. They were like tiny hurricane's at her party!

Sunday night we took them trick-o-treating with friends. Wheew! Big weekend! The boys are getting SOOOO big and are just little men now. They love to chase each other around the house and scream and laugh. It is just the cutest thing ever. They love each other so much.

Christian had a BIG milestone this week. He said "Bye Bye" and waved when our nanny
Sandra left. SOOOO cute! He is walking so well now and really loves being mobile. He is still so sweet and always has a huge smile on his face when you get him up in the morning and put him down at night. He loves to mimic you and will match all your sounds and motions.

Brock is a tornado. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and has an endless amount of energy. He likes to bark like a puppy, "talks" all day and is into everything! He is so social and has his nose in everything. He loves to climb everything in the house and run around like crazy at the park. You have to keep one eye on this little one :) He is a bit tougher for Brandon and I but love him like crazy. His new thing is holding his breath during tantrums, passing out and then being really upset. It makes all of us upset.
We have our 15 month apt on Friday and we can't see how much our big men weigh!!