Monday, June 29, 2009

24 Week Check Up

I had a wonderful doctor visit this morning as well. I am looking VERY healthy! Blood pressure and weight are "perfect" according to the doctor and I was given the "go ahead" to keep walking (within moderation). That was great news to me since LOTS of twins mom's are taken off all exercise at 24 weeks. She told me this is going to be a HUGE growth month for the twins so to take it EXTRA easy and keep laying down. Since the twins will gain so much this month, my uterus is also going to stretch quite a bit making it thin and able to contract. We don't want this so we are on "super take it easy" instruction.

The twins are very large and in charge making me measure the same way. I am 24 weeks and 5 days today and I measured at 35 weeks! That is ahead of most twins moms! I can't even imagine what I am going to measure at during the last few weeks in September! She didn't think that my measurement had any indication that I would be delivering early at this point. Still 37.5 weeks is the goal.

I did look well enough to not have to see her for another four weeks which is an accomplishment since most twin mom's move up to every two weeks at this point for doctor visits. Two good check-up's that have kept me to another 4 weeks!

I am also awaiting my results on the glucose tolerance test. Since gestational diabetes is more common in multiple mom's, I am a bit worried that I might test in the high range. Results in the next few days.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

24 Week Sonogram

Here are the sonograms from last Thursday. They have started to get more blurry since the babies are bigger.

Friday, June 26, 2009

24 Week Appointment

Well the babies had a great appointment yesterday!!! I am 24 weeks along (as of Wednesday) and the babies are looking good and strong. At this stage they should be a little over a pound but our little pumpkins are measuring ahead of schedule! Baby "A" Christian Hayden Barefoot weighted in at 1 pound 13 oz, and baby "B" Brock Douglass Barefoot weighted in at 1 pound 12 oz. They both measured about a week ahead of schedule based on size and length.

We are so thrilled that the babies are strong and healthy at this point. They are measuring large for a singleton baby and large for twin babies and we couldn't be more pleased. We really want these guys big and strong so they will not have to spend any time in the NICU area when they are born. According to the doctor, twins grow faster in the beginning than an average single baby and then start to slow down somewhere between 28 and 30 weeks when they start to really run out of room. So the bigger we can get them before that time, the better!!

The twins were super healthy with their hearts, brains, liver, kidneys and all other areas that they check on the scans. We really couldn't be more proud of them!!!

As far as Mommy is concerned I am starting to get a little uncomfortable. I will look "full term" for an average pregnant lady in a couple of weeks so instead of flying through my second trimester with energy, I feel more weighted down and tired. I have two "heaters" in my belly which makes 101 feel like walking on the sun. My back aches frequently and I just have to really watch it not to overdo activities or my stomach starts to hurt.

I am to keep laying down each day, spend time in the pool for swelling and try to stay out of this Texas heat! Good luck on that last one when every day is over 100!

I go in on Monday for my glucose tolerance test (to make sure I am not at risk for diabetes) and a check-up with my OB/GYN.

Brandon and I have made some good progress on the nursery and it is really starting to come together!! Another few weeks and we will be ready for those little babies to move it :)

I will try to get some pictures of the sonogram up soon and keep you posted on my results on Monday.

Love Jenn

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The babies and I had a great appointment today. They are looking healthy and my belly is growing at an appropriate rate. Both doctor and nurses thought I would look full term on or before 28 weeks. Yikes! The babies heart rates are good, my blood pressure and weight are also good so I guess my obsession with cupcakes hasn't been to hazardous :) The last few days I have moved to an obsession with fruit and cottage cheese. Yummmm.

We also officially scheduled my c-section on 9/28 at 1130am. There is a good chance I will not make it to this date but we have it on the books if I can. I did find out that my doctor, Nockelberg, will do the procedure which made me VERY happy. It will be her and one other doctor from her practice in the delivery room. I am not sure of the protocol if I do go into labor early... I will ask her closer to delivery date.

She also gave me several recommendations for pediatricians so that will be my next task on the list. Find, interview and select a doctor for these little guys. Whew, the tasks never end.

My tasks for this month, drink more water, keep walking, get in the pool every day for swelling and put my feet up at least once per day. This is supposed to be a big growth month so I should see some big changes in the next four weeks.

After my OB/GYN appointment this morning I went over and saw my regular doctor for a scratchy throat. I assumed it was bad outdoor allergies with all our of Texas crazy weather these last few weeks but SURPRISE, I have strep throat! I am glad I kept the appointment since I am really not feeling sick. She got me all fixed up with some antibiotics so I should be good to go and be non-contagious by morning.

I am off on my last few trips before the babies come in the next few weeks. I am in Austin this weekend, Phoenix on Monday and we will be welcoming in our families the following weekend for our family baby shower! We are so excited to see everyone!!!