Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Halloween Post

The boys were smurfs for Halloween.  Brock was a regular smurf and Christian was Gargamel.  They were super cute.  We took them to the arboretum for pictures.  We decided not to trick or treat this year since we still don't let them have to much candy and just handed out candy at home instead.  I think they will be out next year when they stay up past 730.  

Brandon and I have had a great couple of weekend when we went to an OU game in Norman with a bunch of brandon's old frat buddies and then this last weekend we had my 10 year college reunion complete with my old roomie from college, Brooke, in town.  We were all kid free and had a blast!!!  Thanks to my parents for babysitting so much these last few weeks.  Mom and dad really needed a break from these two little guys.

Ahhh the terrible two's seem to be upon us in this household.  Testing boundaries for everything, tantrums when we don't get our way, manipulation and frequent changes in temperament.  Dad and I are just trying to make it through and teach a little as we go.  Both boys have lots of words and sentences.  Brock has picked up a frequent phrase used by mom "stop it" which he likes to say while pointing and yelling at Christian.  Christian has picked up so many animals names, what sounds they make and his newest trick to try to get brandon and I to take him into the back is to say "pee pee" while holding his pants.  The first weekend Brandon and I were really excited and kept taking him to the bathroom only to have him flush about 12 times and play.  So we learned we were being tricked by our two year old... again.

We also had our first crib jumper a couple weeks ago.  Brock jumped out in the morning and landed on his head.  He is fine.  He ran down the hall yelling "mommy, ouchy head!" Since we tried to install crib tents and they don't fit our cribs we are just winging it for now.  He has stayed in so far since then. We have also started asking "why?"

Strange Toddler Traits:
1. Christian is obsessed with trucks- he takes his yellow dump everywhere... bath, bed, in the car.  He loves it.  Until he gets to my parents house... then it is dead to him.  After I stressed my mom not to lose it.
2. Brock will not eat anything you hand him out of a bag.  He will lose it unless you give him the whole bag.
3. Christian calls all horses "cow" and moos at them.  We have said horse for over a year now.
4. Christian likes to say all the names of his trucks over and over... dump truck, fire truck etc.  I bet he says them 100 times a day.
5. Brock likes to put his feet on the kitchen table while he eats (aggg)
6. Christian also likes to do that after I already told Brock not to... just b.c I told Brock not to.
7. Brock and Christian both like to rub food in their hair.
8. Brock likes to dig in his diaper and show us the poop.  He also likes to pee on the wood floors and play in it if he is not wearing a diaper.
9.  They both steal food off our mom and dad's dinner plates if we look away for one second.
10. Christian tells everything goodbye about 2 minutes after we leave.
11.  They knock on the door to our hall and scream "mommy" or "daddy" if you leave the room.
12. They love the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeal.  We have seen no less than 75 times.  

I could go on for pages.  Toddlers are their own special breed.  They will hug you so they can put you in a sleeper hold.  Everyday our tastes, mood and feelings changes many times.  Good thing they are so cute!!!

I am trying to blog more but it turns out to be quite a bit harder on this computer to upload the pics.

 All three boys in their costumes... Grady as papa smurf, Brock as smurf and Christian as Gargamel.

 Mommy and her boys.
 The boys
 Ok, I love this one!  How cute are they?

 Daddy and C
 After we left the arboretum.  So sleepy.
 Christian is still awake!

 Brock had his face painted like Batman
C's was Superman!