Monday, March 28, 2011

More Pics

We have more pictures of the boys from the Barefeet and a few from last weekend at the park. Brandon is in Vegas this week while I am with the boys. I hope he is having fun while working out there this week :) Boys and I had a fun Sunday, we were able to see my parents in the afternoon and the BEST part was they came back to the house and bathed the boys for me on Sunday night! By far the hardest part of my day while Brandon is gone. Thanks Mom and Dad! We had a tough night around here tonight. Brock whacked Christian on the head with the small vacuum after I was done getting the crumbs sucked up. Then Brock kept trying to get out of the tub while I was dressing Christian. Madness. B picked up a new word last week, puppy. He LOVES puppies. Very cute! Since B and C are learning Spanish and English they also respond to aqua, Christian said "que" this afternoon and according to Sandra they have a few more words in Spanish too. I am sooooo glad they are picking up both. Praying for my friend Brooke's son tonight. He son (1 month old) had emergency surgery for a staph infection this afternoon. He came out of it and is recovering tonight. We love you all. Baby has some hair :)
Super cute bath poncho.

Dad, more ice cream please!!!

C is climbing high!!!

C loves the park!
B going down the slide.

Brandon let the boys play in our sprinkler :) So wet!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don and Karen visit

Photos from Don and Karen's visit. Super cute!

Brock on St. Paddy's day.

Don with B and Karen with C.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is in the air

We have had a great week around the Barefoot household. We had good results at Brandon's routine CT scan on Tuesday and then had a wonderful dinner with Lexie and Drew Eckman (his wife Jamie was out of town) and then Grandma and Grandpa Barefoot came in on Thursday night. I don't have any of the pictures with Brandon's parents yet. I am sure they will email some to Brandon and I. The boys had a great time with their grandparents and Brandon and I had a wonderful date night on Sat. at a Stars hockey game with friends.

Lexie and Christian enjoying the barbie car.

C and Lexie- BIG smiles

Boys in Tom Thumb car/cart

C and Lexie

Brock and Lexie in the barbie car

C trying to get in the front door

Boys in their new bike trailor. They LOVE it!!

Bye Bye!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stomach Flu, Shots, Park and Our First Shiner

Post a couple pictures down... Don't know why it is in the middle of the page... sorry! Christian's shiner. It was a pretty big goose egg and shiner. He is smiling through the pain, very tough little dude.

I thought Brock's favorite thing should make the blog. He just can't live without bun bun. He is a green blanky with a white bunny head. He carries him EVERYWHERE. We have like 9 back up bun bun's in case he looses him. I have nightmares about that day. If we ever see a green bunny blanket we buy it! They are hard to come by and other colors just won't do. He can be all green or green and white but other than that he doesn't like them.

Brock loves to be pushed around in his wagon or car or anything with wheels.

What a two weeks! Brandon traveled some last week and right before he left 3/4 of us had the stomach flu. Lucky Christian was the only one who didn't loose his cookies at some point. It only lasted 24 hours which was good since mine hit at 1pm on Wednesday night. Long night! We have done a reading event at Pottery Barn Kids and got our pictures with Peter Rabbit, had lots of park time and also had our 18 month shots on Friday. No fun. Brandon was busy so I got to take the kids in for a re-ear check up and shots. Let's just say Christian was not a happy camper. That is an understatement!

Christian has been our difficult baby still. He is fearless as you can see by his injury pictures. He took a digger on the slide (black eye) and then leaped off our end table today (scrape on his forehead). Wowzer, it is tough to keep this little daredevil safe! I am so glad I just have twins and not three when I go to the park.

Boys are trying to say more and more words. Brock has down "ball" along with his others and they both call our nanny Sandra "Anna". Sandra also speaks to them in all spanish and she says they have picked up a couple of spanish words as well! Yeah!! Hopefully one day they can teach me. I think Christian is MUCH more frustrated by not being able to express his words. He tends to whine and cry when he can't get his message across where as Brock is to busy to care. I think that is why Christian has been more difficult lately. When he is able to express himself better I think he will be back to his sweet self. Christian also has a FULL mouth of teeth. He is done for awhile I think. Brock still has several to go.

We taught the boys one piece of sign language. Hungry. They do it all the time to tell us they are hungry. I should have done more because it is so helpful to us!

The two videos below really make me laugh! The first is Brock trying to vacuum. SOOOO funny! We can't ever say they aren't watching us right! He also tries to sweep up with the broom. The second is Christian in the car and Brock falling while pushing and then Christian falling.

Saturday morning at the Peter Cotton Tail reading.

We liked the bunny.

Brock on left and C on right

Brock fell asleep with his new nap mat from Costco. Isn't this darling??? He loves his little lamb already.

Brock posing on the couch


I included this blurry picture as an example of what most of my pictures look like. We have one in motion at all times :) I bet half of my camera looks like this.

The boys with their new backpacks. Aren't they so cute? Thank Grammy and Grampy Barefoot.

Christian with his backpack on :)

We bought the boys these chairs for the living room and have another member of our family who likes them too. Wolfie waits until the boys go to sleep and takes their chairs.

MDO on Thursday. Boys carried their lunches and wore their new backpacks.

More Brock and mom before school.

We love the park!!! Last weekend at the park close to our house.


Christian heading to school with his new gear :)

Brock on left and C on right

Poor Christian after his slide accident and the accident off the end table.