Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanksgiving- Part 2

Dad wheeling around the boys... he did this for two days. They love Blue Car
G. Grandma Jane with Grady and Brock in blue car.

The Linn's with their grandbaby herd.

Brock and Grady.

Ok, there must be a million people blogging today since it kicked off some of my pics last time too! Here is the second part of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Pictures... long overdue. Part 1

My parens with the boys
Nana Lois with Christian and Grady

Grandma Jane with C

Grandma Jane with B

Ok, I posted these all on the last post and they erased! I guess I have a limit on how many I can post per blog post.. here we go again!

Post about Brandon

Mom and B with his stick.
B and C

B running with stick.

C in front and B behind.

Dad and B

B and stick on left and C.

Dad and B. He found this stick during the shoot and loves it soooo much!

Mom, C, B and Dad ( and of course the stick!)

How cute is C in this shot?!?

Mom and B

Dad and C

Mom and B

Family shot
Well the biggest thing going on in our lives the last couple of days has been Brandon so this post is about him! Last Thursday he went in to get the results of his routine cancer screening (now a CT every 8 months instead of 4). I had to pick up the kids and so I was not with him for this visit. They found two nodules in his stomach area that were small and concerning. There is a layer of fat and tissue that holds your stomach and organs into your body and this is where they found the two nodules. Dr. Jordan was concerned and Brandon went in for a PET scan on Friday. The boys and I drove him and he did the scan in about two hours. The scan measures for any "activity" in the body. They can check for cancer growth. After a LONG weekend of waiting, praying and more waiting the results came back and were GREAT! No activity shown!!! Brandon will do one more test on Jan 7th and endoscopy to see if they can tell what these little nodules are. Most likely they are a result from his half marathon (run 3 days before CT exam) or cysts. Needless to say, we are MUCH less worried now that we don't see any cancer activity. We might not end up knowing exactly what these nodules are, but we are thrilled that they don't look "active".

This year all I want for Christmas is a healthy family. With our ER trips for Christian this past month, Brandon and his scare... I just want everyone to be healthy. My boys have all contributed to my wrinkles and most likely a new couple of grey hairs these last few years.

We are heading over to Fort Worth for Christmas this year and we are really excited since the boys were not able to really know what was going on last year. This year they should be able to unwrap gifts and participate in all the festivities. Mom is also going to watch them on Saturday morning while mom gets a VERY needed sleep in. It has been TOO LONG since I slept well and I feel like I am WAY overdue :) Thanks mom! We will also be taking the boys to Christmas Eve service at my parent's church, Christ Chapel. Nana Lois is playing the harp this year for three services so I know that she has a big job but will do GREAT!

We thank God this year for our miracles, not only with the twins but with Brandon's excellent, clean PET scan results. We love you so much B. Thank you for all you do!

I have added a bunch of pics from Nov and Dec to the post....enjoy! All the ones with the orange and white vests were taken this Nov. by Lea Popham. She is an old sorority sister of mine and did such a great job we had a hard time picking our top 30!! Thank you Lea for catching us all so wonderfully!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas with the Barefeet/Longair Clan

Christian on his new rocking horse... thanks uncle Kit!

The Barefoot Family

Brock riding the sadle in the Hanger house on the ranch

Don, Brock, Grandma Pearl and Brandon

The Barefoot/Longair Clan

The ladies in their holiday sweaters.

Brock in his horns :)

We have had an EXTREAMLY busy couple of weeks. We celebrated Grady's birthday at his party last weekend and then we got ready to welcome Brandon's family starting on Thursday. Brandon's parents arrived and were very nice to offer Brandon and I a date night! They watched and bathed the babies while Brandon and I had dinner.

Friday morning we had the task of packing us all up and picking up the rest of the family and moving the babies out the ranch in Fort Worth where we all stayed for Christmas. We relaxed, ate, played games, toured the Stockyards, exchanged presents and watched football with his family. A good time was had by all! The boys were so grown up from their last visit and had such a good time playing with family!

We all came back home on Sunday and unpacked all our things and the babies played with all their new toys. It was so lovely to see everyone again and we are so happy that everyone was willing and able to make the trip to Texas.

The boys have been doing so many new things lately I wanted to make sure I included that in our post (mostly so I can remember later:) Christian loves to point, drive his car, and shake his head "no" these days. He knows what no means and when I ask him a question that he doesn't want he shakes his head no. So cute and helpful! He is really speeding up with his walking and is running all over the house now too. He is super crafty and really gets into things these days. Brock is points, saying no, baby (i think) for his bunny, climbing on everything, learning new words and giving lots of hugs and kisses. He is also getting long hair with curls in the back. Cute!