Monday, August 30, 2010

Park Fun

Brock far and Christian close

Brock on the far side and C close. They love their new house. Thanks Nana and pops!

B loving the swing.

The boys and I had a pretty fun weekend although we all (except Brandon) had the sniffles. On Saturday we met the Brazelton's at the park for swing time! For some reason Christian's photo's didn't turn out on the phone so he gets few photos this week. They were to little for lots of the bigger stuff so we will have to grow into it.
Our sniffles have started to clear up and we are having fun playing these days. They start MDO school on Thursday (happy and sad mommy!) so we will have pictures of that I am sure. Brock has been starting to play independently and C has been cruising like a champ. B is a walking fool these days and likes to grab a toy in each hand and one in his mouth as he walks around. so cute.
We have finally started to bath the boys in the big tub and they LOVE it! C and B fight over the toys, grab all the bars in the tub and laugh and scream and play. Pure joy for them!
Funny story... while I was at my Moms of multiples mixer on Thur. night Brandon bathed and fed the boys alone. Brock ran down the hall naked and unrolled all the toilet paper while he was bathing C. Brock then ran back down the hall after his bath, wet and naked and was licking the fridge when B was able to get him. Ha! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

C and mom looking at the manatees.

Family photo shoot in front of the waterfall.

Dad and boys near some birds.

Boys at the entrance of the aquarium (in their new shoes)

The family was VERY active this weekend and on Sat. morning we loaded up the boys for their first family outing to the Dallas World Aquarium. They really seemed to love the ride and all the animals on display. We liked it because it had air conditioning!!! After our tour, we took the boys for lunch at the Purple Cow (super kid friendly) and then later in the day for a walk to Whole Foods.

Yesterday we took the boys to church (new room for them... we put them both in Crawlers) and then had a playdate with our friends the Williamson's and their triplets. I can't believe how big all the babies are (triplet's turn 1 on Sept 24th). We have had several times where the babies and trips have gotten together so it is fun to see them grow up :) I will upload these pics later (different camera).

Friday, August 20, 2010

12 Month Apt

We did our 1 year apt a couple weeks late since C had his surgery but the boys did great!

B- 23 pounds, 2 oz and 31 1/4 inches tall. Head 41 1/4. He was on the 50-75% on everything for non-preemie babies and the 95% for his adjusted age. The doctor was VERY impressed with his walking and talking. B didn't cry until his shots which was very brave.

C- 23 pounds even and 30 3/4 inches tall. Head- same as Brock. He was doing great too! Such a small difference between them now! C showed our doc how well he could cruise and get in all her medical drawers :) She was very impressed with him too! C did not like the nurse who gave him his shots... I think he will remember her and her big needles.

We will start milk/formula transitions (they don't love milk so far) and over the next month add in more sippy cups. She let us exit out of our developmental pediatrician (yeah b.c I REALLY didn't like them). Our teeth, eyes, bellies and hearts look great. All in all a GREAT visit! We really like our doctor, she is sweet and not an alarmist at all.

We got two shots today, iron tests and will go back in at 15 months for more vaccines and another check up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy Babies

The boys enjoying their new dump truck! Thank you Eckman's. Lexie is standing by the boys.


Family photo by the cupcakes.

Christian and Grandpa Linn

My beautiful boys before the party!

Our family photo, right before the party... not our best shot.

Another photo... a little fuzzy.

Grandpa and Nana Linn before the party.

We have been a fun busy life around here these days. The babies are moving and grooving around our house and loving all their new big boy toys! Last week we spent the night at the ranch on Thursday since our bathroom was being painted and the fumes were BAD! My parents were so lovely to take us in last minute :) The boys had a great time at Chick-fil-a with my mom and I and then we took them in the pool. Yeah! Last weekend we worked on our newly painted bathroom and then took the babies to run errands on Sat.

This week the babies have their 1 year doctor appointment on Friday which is a bit delayed but we are hopeful that the babies will be good for momma! It has been SOOOOO hot here! I feel bad taking the babies outside since it feels like 110 degrees! We have mall walked, and run air-conditioned errands lately with them. We have also been working on some first shoes! I brought home several pairs this week and they were all too small so I looking for bigger I guess!

Christian has been a little better about moving around on his own. He has been scooting a little on his bottom and working on pulling up. He will try to do things, fail and then get frustrated and not try again. That is so frustrating for Brandon and I too! Poor guy! He is starting to be able to scoot himself around a little more and I hope that helps his confidence a little. He is still cruising and will take a couple of steps while cruising furniture. It has been so funny to us that he seems to do everything backwards. He is VERY vocal these days! He is always babbling, talking and singing. He has been so cranky these last couple of days... we don't know if it is the transition from formula to milk (which he is not a fan of) baby food to finger foods (also not a fan) or what... we are so ready for his "cranky spell" to be over. Christian loves to grab at EVERYTHING... we call him hands since he can get stuff off the counter as you walk by holding him.

Brock has been in full speed since he started moving. He does a combo of walking, cruising, crawling and grunting to get to his target. He is a baby on a mission! He talks, lots of mama's and dada's and baba's. He is so much fun to be with these days since he is a big hugger and cuddle monkey :) He loves taking toys out of his bin, knocking down blocks and sprinting toward open doors and gates. He tends to try to use Christian as an anchor these days and it always trying to pull him down and step on him. One of Brock's biggest new things is his new shorter nap time and shorter sleep time. Terrible for mom and dad... he has stopped napping in the morning lots of mornings and only sleeps 1.5 hours in the afternoon... doesn't he know we need at least two?!? He also usually sleeps from 8p to 7a (we used to get 12 full hours). He also wakes up about 5 times a night these days crying and fussing. I think it is night time separation anxiety. He has full on day time separation anxiety these days and I think it is carrying over into night time.
For Brandon's and my lives my sister and I have put an offer in on a business here in town and are in the due diligent stage. We have 60 days to investigate the business and if all goes well we will be the new owners of a promotional products business here in town! So many mixed emotions for mommy on this one but lots of hope as well. Brandon has his four month cancer check up this week and has been traveling for work quite a bit as well. We are so excited to travel up to OKC in a few weeks for a night away at his fraternity brothers wedding. My wonderful sister has agreed to take the babies on Sat. night!!! Thank you Sara!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Blog

Birthday boy on the 28th! B
Yeah me!

DG ladies at the b-day party. Suzanne, Karen and Sara

Mummm... cake

Babies, babies and more babies. The first babies to arrive at the house.

Brazelton family at the party

Elizabeth Koury at the party with Brock

The boys with their b-day cupcakes!

Yummm... cake

C and dad in their matching shirts... I think C will pout on his b-day if he wants to :)

Birthday pudding... night before b-day. B

Chocolate.. yumm. C

B & C

Right before surgery. C looks less nervous than mom.

Right after surgery. He did great!

So much has gone on around here and I am soooo behind on my blog. I will try to go fast and hit the high spots. Both babies had their first B-Day!!! I have pictures that need to be downloaded but the babies and mom and dad had a great time at their party. We had like 20-25 people and TONS of babies. The babies had such fun at the party and so did mom and dad! The babies both are saying "mama" and "dada" now which we LOVE! C said it right before punishment last week (great for him, bad for punishment). Both babies took their first steps last week too! C was first on Thursday and not to be outdone, B stepped on Friday. B is now taking lots of steps in a row and I am sure C will follow him. VERY cute! They are both in a clingy phase (B more than C) and want to be holding on to me of be carried by me a lot these days. I don't mind so much since they have both been out of the "holding" phase for awhile. I can also hold one hand for each now and walk together.... super cute! We are eating lots of finger foods around here and except for baby oatmeal in the morning we have cut most baby food out of the jar. Nice but much more work for mom! C has cut two more teeth and is now up to 8 while B holds at 2. Funny, B is a faster eater with just a couple bottom chompers... I guess that goes to show that teeth don't make all the difference.
We have been so blessed with our little men... I feel so lucky.
I have a TON more pics of the party to be downloaded (hopefully soon!). They need to make a new word for mom busy....We have been CRAZY these last few weeks.