Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Austin Trip, Birthday, Check up, Grandparents Visit and a cold

What a busy couple of weeks!  Mom took a trip with her friends to Austin for a weekend (fun!) and then we had Don and Karen for several days over the boys 2nd birthday.  We had a school party and a family party at home for the munchkins.  Brandon and I had a new island counter top installed the day before the party and then mom and boys caught a summer cold.  All in a few weeks time. 

I will make our post short and sweet since we have lots of pics.  Boys 2 year stats: Christian, 28 pounds, 34 1/2 inches and 50% head.  He was in the 50% for everything and perfect!  B was 28 pounds 12 oz, 35 inches and a 60% head.  He was about 60% in everything.  Also perfect!  Except he escaped from the doc office naked and made it to reception before I caught him. 

Brock is a jumping machine!  We call him the flying badger since he will crawl on everything and jump off.  You really have to watch for him.  He has dove off the coffee table and dining room chairs, the couch and everything he can get on.  He also got his foot stuck in our coffee table hole and I had to butter it out.  He has started to ask "why" and ask more questions.

C has been figuring out how to open our front door (oh no!) and he can take off the baby proofing door knob (smarty).  He knows so many animals names now and loved to blow kisses.  He is a feisty little man :)

 Opening my presents and showing off my new boots.
 Grady with Sara and Bryan and cupcakes!
 Brock LOVES his new rain boots!
 Boys eating their cupcakes at the family party
 All the munchkins at the family party
 swimming boys

 brock eating his cupcake
 Christian loves frosting

 Munchkins not cooperating for their photo.
 The Barefoot side of the family
 C and dad enjoying his new sit and spin from the Brazeltons
 The Linn side
 Christian munching while mom was away
Of course the box is high on the list of presents :)  What is not to love about the box the gift came in?
 The boys really loved their
 C at the door on his birthday.  Ready to roll!
 Boys playing outside on their birthday.

 Investigating the front door
 The boys are up on furniture and if mom isn't looking love to jump on it!


Rest of the pictures to come later....