Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Love the Twins

We had a great Christmas around here. I had the best gifts ever! One healthy husband, two healthy children and my family with me on the holiday! We also had a VERY rare white Christmas here in Dallas. This is one of 5 while Christmas's in Dallas 111 year history. We felt VERY blessed.

Thursday started and my family came in from Fort Worth and my sister, Bryan and cousin Grady came over for food, gifts and fun! Grady is so cute and it is hard for me to imagine the guys were that small (and smaller) not that long ago! We had a nice family lunch while the boys all slept and then my parents watched the boys while Brandon and I got to go to church and then we switched. Since we can't attend church with the boys, this was such a nice treat for us!

Friday we opened gifts as a family and Brandon surprised me with a new canon rebel camera so I can take LOTS of pictures of the boys... I have attached my first "shoot" with them in their new Christmas outfits from nana.

Both boys are smiling and laughing now and they are sooooo much fun! We just love watching them grow, and it seems that each stage they hit is my new favorite :)

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere

Well we have the newest member of our family with us! Grady Linn Brazelton was born 12-16 at 421pm. He was 7 pounds, 10 oz and 19 inches long. I am a VERY proud auntie :) What a wonderful experience to see my sister welcome the child we have been waiting VERY long to meet. I know she and Bryan are going to be GREAT parents!

The boys are anxious to meet their new cousin. While I was in the waiting room for Sara, Brandon called me and let me know that Christian rolled over for the first time... sad that I missed it but VERY happy he hit a milestone. The boys are growing up sooooo fast around us. Brock is playful and smiling most of the day (if he is not put down or ignored my mom) and Christian loves to cuddle with me. It is hard finding time to do both things at once.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Long Time Since the Last Blog

Craig and Erin and Brandon and I with the twins
Four generations.. mom and my grandma Jane with the twins

The Linn great grandparents with the twins

Four generations of family.

Four generations of family on my mom's side.

Mom and B

Barefoot Family

Brock on left and C on right.

C on bottom and B on top

Family photo :)

Our little Christmas gifts :)

C and I snuggling.

We have been VERY busy around here so sorry I haven't gotten to blog! On Thanksgiving the babies met my family in Fort Worth. They LOVED meeting everyone but our trip was cut short by Bronculitis (sp?) The babies were pretty sick and gave it to mom and between the three of us had it for almost three weeks. Yuck! The babies had three visits to the pediatrician thanks to nervous mom :) Then two weekends ago, Brandon's family came in to meet the babies! They flew in Friday and we did LOTS of baby time, pictures and a yummy turkey dinner. Last weekend mom and dad got some away from baby time and got to attend my brother in law's graduation dinner party. We are so proud of him!

The babies are really doing great. We are at 11 pounds, 11 oz for Christian as of last Thursday and 14 pounds 3 oz for Brock. We have moved off our preemie formula onto good old regular baby formula and got to use our jogging stroller for the first time yesterday! Brock has been VERY smiley and is a morning baby for sure. He is all smiles and giggles in the morning and Christian is my night baby. He is all happy at about 6pm. Brock is still my more demanding child (he is on my lap while I type this) and Christian is still patient and extremely expressive in his face. We have been practicing rolling over this week and although mom has not seen them do it yet, I do think it is in our near future. Brock likes his jumper and Christian likes the swing. I think they are both going to be VERY active little boys.

We have moved up diaper sizes for Brock to size 2 and Christian is right behind him... I see a new size for him in the next week or two. We are starting to sleep pretty good and for the last two night have slept almost 8 hours! Very exciting times around here.

We had our four month apt recently and we were called NICU success stories! We are sooooo proud of our little men :) Brock was totally off the preemie chart and on the the "normal" four month chart and Christian was at the 95 percentile for preemie and expected to be off the preemie chart soon.

Here are just a couple of pics of the boys in the last few weeks... more to come! We had two photo shoots done in the last few weeks and LOVE the pictures!