Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Busy Mom = Bad Blogger

Christian and mom's new night time ritual.

Well I don't think life is ever going to slow down. Brandon is on his 5th trip this month today and that equates to one busy momma. The boys are doing well and surviving the Texas heat from their first real summer. We have had to cut out our daily walks since the boys (and us) were getting so hot. So, we try to take them in their baby pool a few times a week, in the real pool with mom and dad and their new thing, the gym. The gym has a daycare for parents who are working out and we have gone a few times with the boys... so far so good. It is air conditioned (yeah) has toys and a couple of nice ladies. I try to go on "off times" so the boys get more attention.

We had a play date today with Lauren and Chole Newby, very fun and have Anderson coming in next weekend with Brooke and Donnie. The boys will have TONS of fun before mom and dad jet off on their first vacation without the twins. I am very anxious, excited, scared and sad all at the same time for our trip. Brandon's parents have wonderfully agreed to come and stay with the twins so I know they will be in great hands.

We have been terrible at taking pictures lately since I am home with them by myself quite a bit these day, finding picture opportunities is low on the list. I included one we took this week on Brandon's phone. Since C doesn't get a little snapper on his night time walk anymore we have started to cuddle at night. He takes a little snooze and I get a cuddle. Lovely.
Brock is a crazy man these days. He is scooting, pulling up, and walking around furniture these days. We try all day to keep him safe and in one area. He has bumped his head, has a bump on his nose and did the splits by mistake last night. He is so active! He LOVES to explore, eat ANYTHING and be the center of attention. He gets bored very quickly and loves to torment his brother. His new favorite game is opening and closing his mouth over and over and then screaming in delight. LOTS of screaming from him around here. He is not into cuddling or being held but is really into trying out his new chompers on things, including mom.
Christian is still the sweetest baby on the planet. He is currently very happy sitting and playing with toys. He still HATES his tummy but loves to stand and hold on to tables or the couch or the jumper. He is so proud of himself when he is standing up! He laughs and laughs and laughs at his brother. He really loves to eat right now and is still a wonderful sleeper. He also loves his walker. Since he isn't mobile yet, we put him in his walker and he holds out both arms and runs around the house. He chases kitties, zooms down the hall and always comes back to Brock and just smiles and laughs. He is such a cutie.
We have the weekend to ourselves this weekend and I might try to take them to run an errand tomorrow (somewhere kid friendly) and then get ready for dad to come home for his first Father's Day!!!
The boys just LOVE daddy and love to ride on his shoulders, play and be boys with him. We will all be excited to see him on Sunday.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad, grandpa's and great grandpa's out there!!! You all deserve gold stars for your role in your children's lives :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hand Foot and Mouth Virus


My favorite family shot. This one is going to be framed and above our fireplace to replace Brandon and mine 8 year old engagement photo.

C and B at their Mother's Day photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum.

C has a serious look

Two happy babies!

Family Shot.

Well we arrived home on Sat. night from our beach trip to have TWO VERY unhappy babies on Tuesday. Since this is not their normal personality we thought they were still just tired from our trip. On Wednesday morning we go the boys up and Brock felt really hot to me. We took his temperature and sure enough he was sick. His fever was 102.6 and when I took C's it was about 100.6. We called the doctor, rearranged our day and made a visit. Both boys had hand, foot and mouth virus and had blisters in the back of their throat and high fevers. Most likely they caught it at the airport since that was about the time infection would have occurred.

Wednesday night they were pretty sick and then Thursday, mom got something too! Yikes! Sick mom, sick babies and one sad husband. We all seemed to mostly recover by the weekend and were able to have the Crimmon's and their daughter Erin over on Monday for memorial day. We set up a canopy in the backyard with the super play yard underneath and let the boys play outside.

Besides a small runny nose for C, we are all feeling better :) We went up to Aaron and Elizabeth Koury's new house yesterday and they were so wonderful to have us and the boys. The boys loved exploring the new space.

We have already been very busy this week and will start Brandon's month of travel next week. The boys and I will spend some seriously quality time together in June as Brandon travels for work and pleasure.

C is sitting up these day VERY well and loves to stand and play with toys. He has 4 teeth and loves to nibble on your hand. B is scooting, rolling and SOOOO close to crawling. He is up on all hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He is such a wiggle worm these days and you are NOT able to control the little man. There is still quiet of bit of tug of war for the toys and mom and dad's time. B has 2 teeth and a LOT of drool.

The pictures above were of our May photo shoot with Lindsay right before Mother's Day. I love her work and she does such a great job with the boys.
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