Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Continues

Big few weeks as always, Brock got his first professional hair cut.  I miss the curls.... I don't know if they will ever come back but I guess it needed to be done.  I have the pics from the hair cut but they are on the big camera that I have not downloaded yet. 

Last weekend we took the boys to Waco with my folks and Sara and Bryan and the big boys hunted dove (which seemed to outsmart them :) and the little boys and ladies hung at the ranch house.  We all had fun!  I was one tired momma when I got home from watching the boys in a new space.  My poor parents had the boys in their closet to sleep and Brock sang from 1230a to 2a on Saturday night. 

I took the boys to the dentist for their first exam and they did great!  Apparently we are supposed to be flossing Brock's teeth but seeing as it is super hard to get him to brush them we will see how this goes in his 2 year old year. 

Brandon's mom also found out this last week that she will need to do chemo therapy for her breast cancer.  We know it is upsetting news since she thought she would not have to go through it.  Keep her in your prayers as it will be a tough fall and winter for her.

We took the guys to church and lunch today and then tried to squeeze in a free photo shoot at Whole Foods on our way home.  It was a charity deal and it was our worst photo shoot to date.  The boys were in a foul mood and it is reflected in these photos.  I included them for fun.  

 Brock relaxing before his hair cut.

Beautiful curls.
Christian playing on the floor.
So the boys have this new thing where at dinner they throw their plates on the floor mid-way through the meal.  Nothing makes me more angry... wasted food, big mess and the boys are still hungry since they didn't eat.  They think this is SUPER FUNNY.  So, this night Christian threw his pasta on the floor and did not get desert... Brock kept his plate and was rewarded with pudding.  He LOVED the pudding. 
Free photo shoot at Whole Foods....yikes!

Brock's only alone photo from the shoot!
Ha!  Christian
Best one of the shoot...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Much Needed Blog

Well it has been WAY to long since I have blogged!  We have been very busy as always.  Brandon has done three trips in the last months (ahhh!) the boys are a mile a minute and mom has just been trying to keep up!  Brandon has traveled for work and personally all through the southern states of the US, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday in Fort Worth and finally cooled off here in Dallas!!!  We had 60+ days of over 100 (mostly 110) and we just melted.  The boys and I spent all our time indoors and we were all just ticked pink when it dropped to the 80's two days ago.  We are back to biking with the boys and outdoor time!

The boys are saying more and more.  C loves animals and works to say all their names, can identify his snack, and has started to identify more people and places.  He is a master at getting what he wants.  Just last weekend he got two women to pick him up at the museum and convinced an older volunteer to pay for a ride for him.  He is a tiny genius.  Brock continues to ask questions and he now tells me when he has a poopy diaper (yeah!)  he also digs in it and shows me to poop (boo) and then sometimes wipes it on me (double boo).  He loves shoes and sunglasses and wears his rain boots, my shoes, dad shoes and every pair he finds all over the house.  Brock is getting his last four teeth finally!  Yeah!  We hope this helps him sleep since he has moved to a 830-630 or 7a schedule (boo).

The boys are on everything, in everything and seem to be always awake.  Mom is tired, getting older and getting slower compared to these guys!  The other day Christian broke into the kitchen through his baby gates, found the keys to the car and I found him in the garage attempting to unlock the door to the car.  All this while i was cutting fruit for dinner.  Brock figured out how to open the car door while we were moving (ahhh!) and we found our child locks pretty fast.  They are smart, organized and fearless..... luckily they are also VERY cute!

They LOVE their cartoons (I call them their stories) and scream "NOOOOOO" when you turn them off.  Brock is starting to be a good listener and will sometimes stay and come to you when you ask.  He will lay down for a diaper change and hold your hand sometimes when you ask.  Christian will NOT listen... not because he can't but b.c he doesn't feel like it.  He laughs and laughs when he runs away from you.  He loves to be chased and is a good little runner :)

We are into playing together, pulling each others hair, fighting over the same toy, finding new ways to help each other out, stealing each others sippy cups and food, hugging, blowing kisses, talking to each other, their monkey plates, hitting, pulling each other diapers off if exposed, fighting over the red bike (why not yellow?), fighting for mom's lap and dad's horse rides and overall being just a hoot for mom and dad.

 New outdoor chairs, thanks aunt ashley!

 Happy 60th Grandpa!  They love to say " Where Papa?!"  They LOVE them some grandpa.
 Brock wearing mom's church shoes.

 playdate!  We had LOTS of kids!
 mom's shoes.
 Blue house bike lives outside.
 indoor play at the mall
Brock fell asleep in his chair on pizza night, Christian went in for the kill.
 mummmm... table meal with Nana's food... yummy.
Head bump.... goose egg swelling for one night... bruise for two weeks.  I swear we might save on wedding costs with boys but we make up for it with grey hair.

All the family made it through the stomach flu this months.... yuck.  Brock and Brandon took the brunt of it and C and I had it more more like 48 hours.  I will try to post better next time, no more 4 weeks!