Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Post

Work is the name of the game around here these days.  Sara and I have been so busy with work, Brandon has been traveling some and boys have been working on new words!  Friday my parents came into Dallas and we went to the splash park and then lunch.  The boys LOVED it!  Saturday we had a wonderful lunch with the Eckman's and had a great time there as well!!!  It is soooo hot in Dallas so it is important to be in the water if you are outside. 

Christian said "bye dada" tonight at bedtime (so cute) and also picked up "car".  Love it!  We leave Saturday for my cousin's wedding in Colorado Springs.  This is the boys first wedding and our first plane trip in a year.  I can't believe my youngest cousin is getting married :)  I used to babysit her when she was little... where does the time go???

 Brock in the bath.
 C with his bubble face.
The boys loving on a huge teddy bear at Costco.  We did not buy it, but great photo op!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Party, Car Accident and Dad Fest and Father's Day!

We have had a very busy couple of weeks.  We went to a wonderful 1st birthday party two weekends ago for AJ Childs.  The boys had such fun at the petting zoo he had!  Sugar, animals and fun!  The boys were WILD at the party and Brandon and I earned our stripes watching them. 

Thursday I had a car accident on my way to physical therapy.  I am fine, the car needs to be towed.  The insurance companies have already worked it out and we are both at fault (she is a neighbor of mine).  Adjusters will be here on Wednesday.  Wheww.  So glad the boys were not in the car with me!   Back is feeling a little better for me.  Physical therapy helped some and I have lots of exercises that I am doing to help with the muscles. 

Friday we had Grady over and played in the yard, pool and sprinklers!!  What fun!!!  Sara and I actually got to sit for a minute since we have baby proofed the yard.  The boys all napped in the afternoon and had a great time!

Saturday we went to Dadfest and had a blast!  Boys ran a 50 yard dash, mom and dad did a 5k and then they had a dad/child look alike contest.  Hilarious.  We didn't win but we had a blast.

Tonight we had steak, potatoes and broccoli in honor of Father's Day and Brock ate like 8 ounces of steak.  He is a man after his daddy heart :) 

 C and a mini horse

 C and a goat.
 B and a goat
 C and a mini horse.

 B and a bunny.  He later kicked this bunny.  Poor bunny.  He just learned to kick and the bunnies took the brunt.

 Good pat.
 Mom, can we go in the pool?

 C liked feeding the animals but also liked eating the feed.
 Good pet.

 Outside on Friday morning.  C on left, B on right.

 Shopping with dad.

 On stage at Dadfest.  We had a hard time staying still for our contest.

The boys with the Mavs dancers at Dadfest

 50 yard dash

 dadfest family photo
 run!  Brock's hair blowing in the breeze

 Happy Father's Day dad.
 Mom and Dad in the car after our father's day lunch at Champs.  The boys did not make it home.
 So tired.

 SOOOO fun dad!
 C loves dad.
 Please add water mom!  C in the pool.
 Dad giving B a high flying ride.

 Awww. C and dad.

 B and dad.
 C and Dad.

Boys have been working on new words.  Brock has picked up quite a few... birds, thank you, and a few more I am forgetting right now.  Christian continues to ask us "what's that?" about 100 times a day.  He has got "cat" "dog" and for sure "no" down too :)

The boys are really into stealing toys from each other and Christian is in to pinching right now.  Ouch.