Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beach Trip!

Mom and C on the beach.
B in the beach cabana

Mom and C.


Mom and Dad love the water :)

Dad and the boys at the beach.

The boys in their beach cabana

C would not wear his glasses and Brock was so cool in his :) C had a better idea for the shades :)


Dad and B.

Nana and all the grandbabies. Brock and C and nana holding Grady.

Nana with C and Papa with B.

The boys relaxing in the hamock.

Ahhh... the beach

Mama and the boys :)

Mom and the twins on the porch. C and B.

Dad and the boys.

Brock fell asleep on a walk and his wonderful brother didn't wake him up. He just let him sleep on his shoulder. So sweet!

Mom and the boys after our walk. Sleeping Brock and sweet Christain.

Brandon and the boys checking in at the airport :)

Christian on the plane before Brandon's seat mate arrived. Ready for a journey.

Jenn and Christian... that bag of toys did not entertain us

Brock sleeping on dad. SOOOO cute :)

Brock on dad in the plane.

Well we had our first trip with the boys and whew, they were little rascals! On the way to South Carolina the boys rode in a plane with their cousin Grady and Sara and Bryan and Brandon and I. There were 18 rows with two seats on one side and 1 on the either. Brandon and I found out that we couldn't be in the same row or in a row with one seat so we were separated and sat on our completely full flight next to strangers. Yikes, our little guys tormented our seat mates and tried to eat their snacks, take their paper and trow their toys at them. Since Brandon and I both had lap children there was not a lot of things to do with them in the tiny plane.

Well when we finally arrived, got our luggage and car seats, and tracked down a rental car (Dollar had sold our original pre-reserved car to another customer) we got on the road and made it to the beach house in about 45 minutes. The house was beautiful and we put the guys down and drank a well deserved glass of wine :) The next day the boys woke up early and we ate, played (thanks for all the rental toys Nana and Papa). We then took the babies to the hotel near the house and had a wonderful lunch with Sara, Grady and Nana. The boys golfed and the ladies and babies shopped and ate. The boys sat in high chairs and had a great time in the sun! We took the boys home for their naps and nana watched them while two VERY happy daughters laid in the sun at the pool for an hour and a half. Wonderful :) The boys came home and then we put all the babies down and went to dinner with Sara and Bryan. Yummy seafood and great company!

The next day we woke up, fed babies and took the guy shopping and to lunch with my parents. They got to sit in high chairs again this lunch, VERY exciting for them!! We came back to the house and my parents watched them while they "napped" that day. No one slept and they cried and cried. Brandon and I came back and decided if they were not going to sleep then they could just go to the beach! The babies LOVED the surf and sand and were so cute in the water.

Sara let us use her beach cabana which the babies LOVED! It caged them in while we took the other in the water. Yeah! The babies had a great time in the water. They both got scared with the first wave but got more excited the longer we were there. Grady was a great sport and never cried in the water.

We stayed in the last night and just enjoyed. The ride home was really rough... all three babies cried and cried. Everyone on the plane wanted to kill us and shot us all death looks on the ride back. My mom sat by me, so I had it easier than Brandon who was around a poor couple that didn't seem to love children. When we got back to Dallas, they lost our bag. Uggg. The returned it at 1am on Sunday morning to our house... long night since the babies work up at 5 something.
Brandon and I had a great time but decided that we are not going to be taking the babies on a plane for awhile unless we take someone with us, or buy them a seat (at least one for the both of them).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day and a LOOOONG Week

Family Picture
C and B

C and B

Mom with B and Brandon with C

B and C

B and C in color

Hi all,
Here are some of the sneak peaks from our photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum with the wonderful Lindsey! She is soooo good with the boy and we just love what she does. We took these last Sat. morning and can't wait to see the rest. We spent a nice mother's day relaxing (since it was raining here in the morning) and then Brandon and the boys took me to bunch in the afternoon. The boys were sooo good and sat in high chairs at the restaurant for the first time. They kept turning around and flirting and having fun with all our other tables. The ate cheerios and puffs while mom and dad ran through the buffet line and nippled on yummy food.
This week, Brandon left for his work trip on Monday morning and I dropped the guys off with my mom in FW since Sandra (our part time nanny) was out all week. I did a work meeting and the boys had fun playing with nana. The guys and I came home in the afternoon and Brandon's parent came in town on Tuesday. They had fun with the guys while I went to yet another meeting. Wed. the guys were able to see the Barefeet again and then daddy arrived home on Thur. We were all very happy to see his work week end on Friday.... double trouble wore their mom out this week. Many, many walks, jumping in the jumparoo, some crying, swim lessons, cleaning up after everyone makes for a VERY tired mommy. Whew!
This weekend I turn 31... wowzer. We spent a relaxing night at home last night after our afternoon playdate with Lauren and Chloe. Ashley and Missy and Cliff all joined in on the fun about 5pm. Today we are hopefully helping Sara move a bit and daddy is spending some time with the babies while I get my hair done. We leave for South Carolina on Wed. to go to the beach. We should have LOTS of great pictures of the babies in the water :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Already May

Mom and Christian.
We find Brock in all sorts of strange places now... today it was the entry way. He is super speedy.

Brock has also been working on his kissing. He loves to kiss mommies face. Thank you honey.

Not a cute one of mommy but a super cute one of Brock!

"Tell me about it"

Williamson Family.... we LOVE our onsies!!! They are sooooo cute!!!!

Seriously, darling.

Daddy and Christian.

Christian wants the camera... can I have it mom?

Isn't he a little doll?

Christian after one of the Stage 3 food meals.... hearty soup, BAD idea.

Ok, so I know we are always in these jammies, but for awhile it was all that fit Brock so we had to wear them alot. I have gone to buy B a bigger size jammie so he doesn't have "boat neck" anymore.

mom and Brock in swim class.

Sara and Christian in swim

Our swim group singing to the babies.

Brock and our instructor Rachael

Sisters swimming with the babies.

Grady with Sara, Jenn and Christian and our instructor with Brock

Nana Lois with all three babies. I am so sad I didn't get a clear picture but I think the smile is priceless :)

Beautiful sister Sara with Grady. Isn't he darling?!?

Mom and Christian.

What a crazy couple of weeks! Brandon and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Monday. I can't believe it has been 7 years already. We both decided that this was our best yet!

The babies are doing great and so active! Christian has been sitting up so well and just loves to be sitting or standing. He plays with toys and there are now daily fights over toys from the boys. He is still in his size 6-9 month clothes but just barely. He is just a few weeks away from the 12 month clothes :) We have been doing TONS of walks, dinners on patios and both the babies went to work with mom last Thur. We drove around to look at a couple of properties in Arlington and then ate lunch with all three babies at Red Robin. Thank you to our wonderful waiter for being so understanding!

Last Saturday I had a morning baby shower from 10-12 so Brandon took the babies to the gym daycare. Apparently they were the hit of the show and Brock had already found a toddler girlfriend. He even grabbed her a little and she held his hand :)

Brock is so mobile these days and is scooting all over the house. He gets on his belly and just pushes himself all over our hardwood floors. It is soooo cute, but we are really starting to have to watch him. He is also decided that his crib monitor is a play toy... it is not. He is in size 12 month clothes now and I found it is hard to find jammies in his size with feet. I found two pairs at Kohl's but I think it is time to move to "big boy jammies" which is a t-shirt and pants. I hate it. I want him to be my little angel baby for ever :)

We had a great swim lesson last Friday and will go again this week. It is rough for mom to take them but they just love it! Both babies went "under" with their heads and were sooooo great with the water over their head. No crying when we dunked them :)

I am so excited to celebrate my first mother's day this Sunday. What a moment, I am just so excited!!!! That weekend is shortly followed by my 31st birthday.... It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating 21.