Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Are Still Alive!

I need to download some pics with the blog but wanted to write a quick note that we are all still alive!!!  We have moved to the ranch and everyone seems happy!  Christian has had a bit of a hard time transitioning but he is loving the wide open spaces and living next to "nana, papa, grady, un buzzy, sara and the horse statue."  Brock has transitioned beautifully.  He is a super trooper.  Boys are at their new school across the street four days a week and seem to be doing well over there.  They hunt for worms, learn new things and get lots of snacks.  Win!  Brandon and I are finally through the boxes and are settling in beautifully too.  We love playing every night with the boys outside and taking them on ranger rides around the ranch.

Houses are moving forward slowly.  We are in our soil test phase and hope to have our approval from Riverhills soon.  We have our Dallas house on the market and have several lookers over the past week.  Let's hope we get a taker!

The boys are full of new words, new stories (some true and some not so true) and new space to explore.  Christian has been really excited to be allowed in the new kitchen... he can empty out my drawer of pans in about 45 seconds and point at Brock :)

More later but I wanted to assure everyone we are still alive, just busy and tired.