Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots of Park Time!

Boys on the bee on Saturday at the Park.

All three boys on the sing on Saturday. Brock is in the big blue swing, C in the middle and Grady on the end.

C swingin'.

C and Grady swinging.

C driving the car and B on the ground.

Chloe and Brock swinging!

This was our park on Friday the closest to our house. Boys climbed right up and slid down the slide.


Mom and Brock on bee.

Christian in the plane at the flight museum. Great toddler play area and I am thinking we will join so we can play all year when it is to hot or to cold.

Brock in the plane captain chair.

Christian at the controls.

The boys playing.

Park on Saturday. B in front and C in the back.

Park shot

Brock swinging.

At our playdate on Saturday. Brock in his giant swing! So cute!

Christian was giving us the evil eye from the metal car.


All babies from the side.

This was our pic of C leaving the park. After playing and a picnic he was worn out! He and B slept for three hours and we cleaned the garage.

B was still awake and waving. Short living. He was asleep 10 mins later.

An old one Brandon sent me. My grandma Jane and Brock from Thanksgiving.

An old one from Thanksgiving that Brandon just sent me. Cute C.

Christian and dad trying out cars at Babies R Us. Cute!

Stylin' C!

This was on Friday. Brock woke up from his nap about an hour before Christian and he got to help mom around the kitchen. We unloaded the dishwasher, played in rooms that are normally not play rooms and he got to play with a big spoon and spatula. They are his new favorite :) He spent and hour using them as weapons.

More C with cars.

Brock at the little plane at the museum. He was really excited about this toy.

Brock dancing around our living room.
It has gone from snow to spring around here and we have played and played in the park the last week. A week ago Friday we went to the flight museum and played in their great toddler area. Then this week we hit up multiple parks in the area. Boys had such fun!!! Friday we had the run of the park by our house and on Saturday we had a great play date with the Newby's and Brazelton's. The park was PACKED with toddlers and the boys were done after playing all morning and lunch.
Boys have been saying more things and both have added "hi" to their daily vocabulary. C tells strangers "hi" all the time and waves at them. Really really cute. He likes to hit up the ladies with his cute "hi" and wave. They love him... he is no dummy :) The boys are so friendly to others and usually like all new people. They love to run errands with us, ride in carts at the store and have gotten so much better about walking into places. I can't even tell you how much that helps me. When it is just me and the boys, Brock usually walks and holds my hand and I carry Christian. I can even get them into MDO without the stroller now which is SOOOO helpful!
Since the weather is so nice we have been able to get out with the stroller and do walks again around our neighborhood which has also been nice. Overall a very nice few weeks. I will try to keep taking pictures over the next few weeks. Brandon is doing some more traveling in March so I will have lots of quality time with the munchkins.
We have been doing more timeout's for hitting, pushing and overall bullying. Luckily they only seem to do this to each other but they can get downright rough with the other brother. Brock gets soooo upset when he gets in trouble and it almost always makes it worse with him. C is just persistent and just doesn't really care right now if he is in trouble. He has been pushing the boundaries lately and is FOR SURE my most difficult child right now. They seem to go back and forth but for the last few weeks he has had the honor :)
Overall, Brandon and I both prefer this age to the baby stage. More fun, more active and so much learning (on both our parts). They are growing so fast before our eyes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Days

What a cute batman :)
Baby snow angel

Christian in his new batman jammies from Walmart. How cute are these?

Brock in superman.

Christian in the snow.

Brock in the snow

Mommy with the boys! SOOO cute! Yes, we are all still in our jammies at like 4pm. It was the 4th day of our snow days. Luckily it was a beautiful 45 degrees on Saturday and we got out of the house!!

Brock making a snow angel (not by choice)

Daddy with the boys before he went to watch the game with Bryan at the Steeler's bar! The Dallas fan club meets in Plano so the boys got on all their gear, grabbed their terrible towels and cheered for the Steeler's.

HAHAHA! Christian was so tired he fell asleep during his meal. If you notice he has a partially eaten gram cracker in one hand.

We put up one of our pack in plays so the boys can sleep in separate rooms (since they have not been napping well together). We had it in the living room and they boys wanted in to play. So I put them both in and they wrestled and played for like 20 mins. They loved it! Until they wanted out. Then they really wanted out.

Post eating outside. Christian was really messy. I let him run around in this and he loved it. It was 75 degrees the Friday before the ice storm.

Outdoor picnic!!

The family has gotten quite a bit closer over the last week. Literally. Monday night we had an ice storm that covered Dallas in several inches of ice. Then it froze for several days. Tuesday through Friday we were home bound with no hot water in lots of the house. I have not had to boil water to do dishes in a while. I thought we lived in Texas! Needless to say, we (barely) made it through and didn't kill each other :) Luckily on Friday we got about 6-8 inches of pretty snow covering the ice so we could at least go outside. The boys had fun the first day of indoor time, cranky the second day, fun loving the third day and over it on Friday.
I have been furiously trying to get the boys into a Thursday Mothers Day out for the summer the last couple of weeks. Not many places do a summer program and I have decided I LOVE having a little time for myself during the week. We are already signed back up at our church for the fall session and I have been making calls, sending emails and begging for spots for a summer program. Brandon and I toured a program for the summer and the boys will be Thursday attendants at Clair's Christian Day School. Yeah!

Brandon is in AR again this week so the boys and I have some more quality time. They were full of energy for their baths tonight and I actually lost little C for a minute. Pretty scary since he was running toward the bath when I had to go back for Brock. Then he opened up a door, ran in, closed it and hid when I looked for him and called out his name. I am just so glad he wasn't in the water. I have to do a better job of keeping them together on the way to the tub. Yikes! He is such a smart little man and is really keeping me on my toes these days.