Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Austin!

B, A and C all enjoying the outdoors
C loves to sun!

B is a cool character on his sun chair

Brooke and Anderson at the Salt Lick!

Christian sitting on Roxy while she licks his bib :)

Brock is soooo happy to go on the walk with everyone :)

B and C testing their new sunglasses.... I am ready for summer!

B and C

B and C

Brock, mommie and Christian outside on the porch

Christian on the top, Anderson in the middle and Brock on the bottom

Brock, Anderson and Christian on the play mat

Jenn and Brookie!

Christian, Anderson and Brock all sitting up and playing

Well the boys are officially little men :) We did our first long road trip with the twins starting on Thursday last week to go visit one of my best friends and old college roomie Brooke. She and her husband Donnie had their little boy Anderson on 9/4/09 so we got to meet and PLAY with him! The twins really loved Anderson and the whole Gerault family and we just had a blast. We went to our first restaurant, our first store, and meet other babies.

The babies are "safe" from RSV officially on April 1, but after speaking with the RSV team here in Dallas we took them out about a week early. It is a low season this March and we made an executive decision that we were all ready to meet the world. The boys are a crowd favorite everywhere we go. One thing I just can't stand as a mom is strangers touching the boys. This has happened more than once when we are places and I just honestly don't get it. Yes, my boys are wonderful and so cute but who touches other people's kiddos?!? I have heard so many mom's of multiples talk about this and I truly understand their frustration. It is scary and you just don't know what people have on their hands.

The boys seemed to LOVE being in the "real world" but I noticed they really didn't eat very much. The more that is going on, the less we are interested in our food :) Another new thing for the babies is the amount of play time we have. Before, we would lay and play or just bat at a mobile, but now we really like the loud plastic toys and we can sit up for a minute while we play with them. So cute!!! We decided on Sunday (after spending time in Brooke's wonderful play room) that we were ready to pack up our pack and plays and convert our sun room to the room we had in mind, the boys playroom. We cleaned out their drawers and replaced our old clothes with new shiny toys! They were in heaven :)
We really can't say enough THANK YOU's to the Geraults! We laughed, we ate then we laughed so hard we cried. We had the BEST weekend with you all. Thank you for opening your doors to all four of us and making us feel so wonderful, special and happy.
p.s- more photos later after I recharge the camera.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

C in his St. Paddy's outfit and hat :)

B trying to steal dad's St. Paddy's day beer.

All my boys in their St. Paddy's day hats :)

Kiss me I am super cute (but not Irish).



B and C. C hated this photo shoot.

B and C.

B and C with their tiny beers.

So we took this pretty late last night and C was not in a photographic mood so he is pretty pouty in these, but still pretty cute :) I had a wonderful day with the babies today! I always look forward to Thursday and Friday's because I get the babies all to myself for the day! We got up and feed, played and then took a long walk around the neighborhood. We got back and played until we feed at noon. The boys took LONG naps while I cleaned, did laundry and packed up all our 3-6 month outfits that no longer fit. So sad.... After naps we played, did tummy time and that brings us to now! Wonderful day!
This next weekend we do our first road trip to Austin to see Brooke and her hubby and meet Anderson who was born in September. The boys should all have a WONDERFUL time together and FOR SURE the mommies will!!! Then we have all my grandparents in for Easter which we are so excited about!! We will also be OFF house arrest! YEAH!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Babies are growing up!

Jenn G and mom with Brock before mom went to John Mayer concert with friends!
B trying out our new swim outfit!

B ready for the beach!

The Hammond twins with our twins. We have Damon (baby B, with Brock) and Derek (baby A with Christian).

Our outdoor "photo shoot".

Brock in the sun hat and C with the helmet.

The boys enjoying the 70 degree day!



Well, I had a whole blog written and it got erased..... so let's see what I can remember! We are all doing great. Boys had their last rsv shots on Thursday and C was close to 17 pounds and B was just under 18! Whew! No wonder my back was hurting after lugging them around at the doctor! We are still off official "lock down" on April 1 but rsv is apparently not as bad as Feb. in Dallas so I am not as worried if we have them out for some reason. B and I are pretty stir crazy so we are just doing the best we can until April.

We had the babies out in the yard for playtime last week. It is becoming a beautiful spring around here and there are a couple of pictures above of their shoot. We are heading to SC in
May so we have gotten the guys their first swim suits and sunglasses. Brock was awake so he got to be our little "model" above :)
We are all eating 3 meals of baby food, oatmeal in the morning, veggie at lunch and protein dinner at 4p with 4 bottles of 9+ oz a day. They are LOVING all the new foods (mostly) and are really good eaters for Brandon and I.
C's helmet is going pretty good. As you can see above we have it decorated like SMU mustang's football helmet. He has started pulling on it less and we are almost 2 weeks into the process. I take him once a week for an adjustment and we are thrilled to already see the flat spot going away. He wears it 23 hours a day and we take it off several times a day to do his neck stretches. He is not a big fan of those, but I try to make it fun for him.
We have had lots of fun visitors and the twins LOVE all the attention! They are such little flirts with all the ladies who see them and are so fun for all of us. They are really into faces now and will grab noses and mouths and are always trying to suck on my cheek. Such fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't believe my babies are 7 months old!

Mom and Christian right before his helmet apt.
The boys enjoying their food... yummmmm

Yeah, Peas!

Brock... we have been doing quite a bit of crying recently. Our face looks like this quite a bit during the day if we don't get what we want.

C on his way to the helmet doc.

I have no idea how mom is about to torture me :)

Agggg... how long do I have to wear this?!?

Two months?!?

On the 28th, the guys turned 7 months! We are just shocked! Where did the time go?!?

Christian got his little helmet on Monday... mom felt SOOOOO bad taking him in there! He gave me this look like "really mom?". We have been checking it for skin irritations the last two days but he really has been doing good with it. Last night he slept in it for the first time and it seemed to go well. Poor little guy, it will be a long 6-8 weeks for him I think. Brandon and I will try to get it decorated this weekend. We are still not sure on our helmet "theme".

The boys have moved up to 2nd foods since it was their 7 month birthday and we ate all the first ones on the market. Yesterday we had peach oatmeal banana and I have never seen the guys love something so much! Yummy! It was like feeding two hungry piranhas! We liked peas, carrots, pears and apples and not really sweet potatoes. I am very excited to see what else in the second category we like!
All our colds have improved! Yeah! Brandon and I are still the only ones who still wake up stuffy. Along with improved health the guys have also been doing some new things lately. C has full control of "finding his feet" and loves to grab them all day now along with brother. So cute. B also had a new trick yesterday... he rolled from his belly to back! That is a new roll position for us and it was great! He hit his nose on the coffee table when he did it, very unexpected for us! I see baby proofing in our near future :)
The boys got accepted to our church's mothers day out starting next September. They will attend one day a week from 9-2pm. Brandon and I toured the facility and we just know they are going to have fun! Mom will pack her first lunch for the boys and they will have a small curriculum to follow. We were told that we were VERY lucky to get both boys in the program. Competition is stiff around here for mothers day out. I am very excited for the boys to start learning social skills and spend some time with some other kiddos when the time is right.
p.s... I miss reported B's height last post... he is actually 26 1/4 inches not 25 1/2