Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have some pretty lucky babies

All the Barefeet men
The boys in their BOB stroller....we spend A LOT of time in this! Thank you again Eckman's!


Brock and then C

All three babies... Grady Brazelton, Brock Barefoot and Christian Barefoot

Brandon and goat. Brandon SUPER happy and goat not so much

Jenn and one of the newest goats... the only brown one of the lot.

1/25/10- Karen with her matching "chicks". Looks like one happy Grammy.

The boys exploring their super play mat... thank goodness for these! The boys love them at home and at grandma's! C on left and B on right

B on right and C on left.

My parents with the little guys (in their BIG hats), my dad holding B and mom has C.

What a cute country family :) Yee-Haa

Mom and C.

Brandon's family with the boys, 1/24/10. Brock on the left and C on the right.

Don and Karen with two very happy boys

What we normally get from these two :) C on the left and B on the right.

Christian and Brock in their western duds.

Best looking cowboys in town

C on left and B on right

Dad with his super cute look alikes

My very favorite western men...Sat. Jan 24th . My mom says I don't get one's with Christian smiling very often so here is one.

Dad and Brock.

To be blessed with so many wonderful grandparents! This weekend the babies got to see BOTH sets of their grandparents and I know they loved every minute of it! I know they loved it since they cried and cried for Brandon and I once everyone left! Don and Karen (B's parents) came in on Friday night and on Sat. we all headed to Fort Worth. Brandon and I got a great date night in at the Fort Worth Stock Show while we had 4 wonderful baby sitters :) Sunday Brandon's parents were nice to watch the boys so we could go to church. Since church is one of the biggest "no no's" for the boys because of the large crowds, we don't really get to go very often. Sunday afternoon Brandon left for Virginia for work, his parents spent the night with relatives and I stayed in Fort Worth with my parents. It was so nice to have my mom help out this weekend and cook for all of us and open their home to all of us..... I think they might even have the babies back after all the crying :) We all got to meet our new family baby goats (which were three hours to three days old, take walks and just enjoy the clean country air.

The boys turn 6 months tomorrow... where has the time gone?!? I was sent a NICU blog of a new twin mom (whom I have never met) that is just starting her NICU journey. I just can't believe that 6 months ago tomorrow my water broke. I remember just how scared I was and all I could say is "mom... it is to early, it's to early," on our way to the hospital. Now 6 months later it seems that is just how my men wanted to make their appearance... with a bang. Now knowing their personalities, I just couldn't imagine it any other way.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting into our routine

We are doing great around here these days. We have dad back from his business trip (yeah!). I tend to be ready for him to walk in the door when he gets home after a few days :) Brock looked at him and gave him the biggest smile when he got home. It is beautiful weather here again (the reason we live in Texas) and the babies and I had a big day. We picked up lunch from a drive through Panara for Sara and I and then I went to visit her and Grady with the babies. We had lunch, fed babies and then went for a walk. I walked about an hour with Sara and then Ashley came and met us with Lily Pad (her super cute King Charles) and we walked some more. The boys love the BOB stroller which makes me love it more! We came home and mom did baby manicures this afternoon so hopefully the guys will not get their face anymore.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 72 and I see more outdoor time for us. Sara- sorry Christian threw up on your couch :)

We have gotten into a good routine around here lately with only 4 feeds a day. My next big hurdle is always getting the guys to nap in their crib. I have been so hesitant to do this for so many reasons. 1. I like to look at the while they sleep in the living room and 2. I always have to be home at the same time if we make it into a big routine. Right now we only nap in our cribs if we have visitors that would keep the guys awake... I am thinking next week I will start the new crib routine, then again I said that last week.

I feel like my days fly by when I am home with the guys all day. I just love it all and wish I had a "Jenn copy" so both boys could be snuggled all day. Brock is already pretty much over being snuggled and I know C will be soon. B likes to be active and stand, move and be entertained all day. C will still let me hold and love on him for the moment.

This weekend we head to Fort Worth to stay with my parents and we have Brandon's parents along with us. I bought Brandon rodeo tickets for Christmas and we are attending on Sat. while the grandparents hold down the fort. The ranch had some new kids born this week to their momma goats and I can't wait to see them!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well we have two VERY big babies!!! Today we went in to get their RSV shots and Christian weighted in at 14 pounds and Brock was 15 pounds 14 oz. The nurses were VERY impressed at their large weight gain. In 33 days C gained almost 2.5 pounds. Wow.

The babies are doing just great. We are still waiting on Brock to roll over but he loves to stand, laugh, smile, coo, grab his toys, play with his light rattle and generally be the center of attention. He is and will continue to be my handful baby. Christian is smiling away, rolling over, starting to stand for a second, can sit while against something, makes great eye contact and really loves his mom. Where ever I am in the room, Christian is looking. He loves to be held and is a really wonderful baby.

We are pretty tired these days at the end of the day from playing, entertaining and loving on the babies. We change clothes no less than 4 times and are LOVING every minute. I just can't believe they are already 5 1/2 months!!!

We will try to snap some more pics and get them downloaded soon. Not much free time around here these days :) We miss the good old days when we did a lot of napping :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Years!

C in his 2010 outfit
C on left and B on right.

If we can't take them outside we can at least dress then up right?!?

There was a New Years pageant... we had two winners!!! C on left and B on right.

Happy New Years!

B likes 2010 already... and also liked the sash... he threw up on it about 10 seconds later :)

The Barefoot Babies had a great New Years. We celebrated 2010 as a family this year and loved every minute of it! The babies are changing each day... our biggest change? We now sleep 12 full hours at night! It has been a wonderful change around here and we are so proud of the boys. Typically babies do this between 2-4 months and for us it was at 5 months. Considering how early the boys were and the fact that they are boys (apparently a bit harder to get to sleep through the night) we are thrilled.

Brock has also found several levels of his voice and tries to "sing" along with mommy when I sing to them. He loves to stand up, spit a mommy with his tongue and mouth and loves our new sideways swing. He will laugh and cry at the same time which is my favorite thing he does... it is like a multiple personality baby :) He is still a happy baby but will let you know when he is tired, bored, hungry, hot, cold, not being coo'ed at enough, being on his tummy and generally just not doing exactly what he wants.... I wonder where he got that from? Brock is FULLY in his size 6 month outfits now and I see those making an exit when he is about 6 months old. He still has not rolled over for me and HATES it when I try to teach him what to do. He is growing a path of hair on top of his head... very funny.

Christian is making leaps and bounds as well. He is still my more patient baby but will really let me know when he is "over something". He is starting to smile more and more but will still get the "serious face" quite a bit. He is starting to stand up too and he will roll over! He loves his swing and will stand his bumbo seat for a few minutes longer than his brother. He is a cuddler and LOVES to cuddle with his mom and dad. If he is unhappy you can typically change that by holding and loving on this little guy. Both Brandon and I just can't wait to hear what he has to say when he can talk.... I have a feeling we are going to hear some words of wisdom. We have moved Christian to some of the size 6 months from the 3 months this week.... he can really fit in both right now but I know soon he will be in his 6 month only.

Both boys are still rocking their blue eyes... I don't know if they will keep these or now. Doctor says they can change for up to a year. We will go and get weighted on Friday so I am assuming we might have close to a 15 pounder with B and maybe a 12.5 pounder with C.... I guess we will see on Friday.