Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Busy

The twins with nana and papa
At the pumpkin patch!

Scary spider!

Christian sleeping in the car on the way to Fort Worth... so cute!

The twins

Grady at the park

Christian swinging.

Brock... push me higher!

We have two VERY active toddlers around here these days!! They had a great time with nana and papa last weekend while Brandon and I went to FL for a quick weekend trip. The boys ate, went to the pumpkin patch and had a great time hanging with their grandparents!

This week we have just tried to keep them safe while they blow through our house with the speed of light :) Today Sara and I took all three boys to the park. In the past I have had one mobile baby and one not so mobile.... today, all moving and going and that makes for one tired mama and auntie. Sara and I chased them around while they tried to steal chicken fingers from a little girl, crawl into another ladies stroller, steal a truck from another group of unsuspecting kids, Brock licked a tree, ate grass and dirt all while Christian tried to take Grady's bottle. Yikes.
The twins also got to play with Sara's dog Maggie today... priceless. Christian loved it and Brock was terrified.
We are also attempting to get our house ready to market (yes, still). It is so hard to get anything done with the twins so what I feel like we could have done in a couple of good weeks is still an on-going project. I REALLY hope we can finish up this month.
The babies are still loving Mother's Day Out and playing with all the kids. We have their 15 month check up at the end of the month and I can't believe we are already here!!! Hopefully soon they can sit at picnic tables and eat like calm children at the park :) (I am not holding my breath).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Over our Illness!

Our playdate last month with the Williamson triplets!

Christian making his way to the bath tub.

Christian and grandma Barefoot

Christian on left and B on right. They LOVE bath time!

The Barefoot family. Don with Brock and Karen with C.

Yeah, water! C on left and B on right.

The boys are finally better and over their cold, ears etc. After a trip to the ER two Saturday's ago and a full 10 days of meds they are finally on the mend! We had Brandon's parents in town two weekends ago and they got to spend lots of time with Brock and just a little with Christian since he was one sick puppy. He spent most of the day on saturday sleeping then we drove his to the ER at around 430p since he would not eat or drink. He pepped up at the emergency room (of course) but I am glad we took him in anyway. They said we were doing all the right things. He is better this week and got to have a play date this last Saturday and go to an OU/Texas party with his cousin Grady. Fun!

Brandon has been traveling quite a bit so not as many pictures. We have just been cruising a long. Brock is a sprinter now and can also figure out how to get in most gates and everywhere else. He loves to explore and is very active and fun. LOTS of grunting and noises from him. He is getting more hair and has 6 teeth. Brock is "over" napping a lot and we usually get 1.5 hours to 2 hours all day with him now.

Christian stopped walking and moving for a couple of weeks with his illness but seems to be more on the move again this week. He will walk from table to couch and dart to things in his line of sight. He still loves to be held and cuddled. He is such a little sweet child and we love to see him do all his new things. He has finally gotten good a pulling up on things and he is more mobile than he has ever been. He has 8 teeth that I think is turing into 10. Christian LOVES to sleep. He is almost always woken up by Brock... I think he could nap for 3 hours a day if he was alone.

Both boys eat a TON of food. I steam and chop, steam and chop. They are going to eat us out of house and home in high school. They love meat, cheese, veggies (orange) and fruit. The only thing they don't really like is green veggies and califlour. Apparently those are yucky.

They are going to stay with my parents for first time without Brandon and I this weekend. I am sure they will all have soooo much fun!

Brandon and I have a busy fall this year, such a contrast to last year. We are so looking forward to having the guys dedicated at our church on the 17th and also taking them to the pumpkin patch this year! It will be a very different winter now that we can take them out of the house!