Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

 The boys opening presents!

 Brock had a present meltdown and had to spend some alone time watching shrek in the bedroom.
 Sara opening her presents.
 Mom loves her new coffee maker!
 Thanks Roger!
 The boys all got mustaches to go with their gifts.  Who looks the most wild west?
 Mom and C.
 Dad and B
 Nanny and Papa with C
 Yum... snacks
 Brock... who has bun bun?
 The littles

 Mom and C

 Nanay and B

 Nana and C

 Look what fun stuff nana put in the tree for the boys to find???  Snakes and frogs and lizards oh my!
 Grady and C
 Jenn and Grady and C
 Nana and G
 Dad and C

 Mom and B
 Nana and C decorating their Christmas cookies.

 Too much frosting!

 Mom and B.
 The Brazelton's cookies.
 Mom and her G- man.
 B will just eat his right off the table.
 G loves the cookies!
 More water after all my sugar please

We had a wonderful Christmas with my parents, Sara and Bryan and Grady.  We went to a Christmas party (Christian came, Brock and Grady stayed with a sitter), decorated Christmas cookies, went to Christmas eve service (Brock broke out of the nursery but was captured in the hall) and opened our presents.  A great time was had by all.

Brock was a little off his game over the weekend and when we got home from Christmas I took him to urgent care and found a double ear infection.  Boo.  He was running all around the doctors office like a crazy person and I know the other parents were like "why is she here... he is not even sick".  Wrong!  We are on antibiotics and he is still coughing and snotty but hopefully on the road to mend.

Mom also got the same cold for the third time and was a sick lady.  I went back to the doc on Wednesday and got meds as well.

NYE was wonderful and we spent it with dear friends.  We had the boys spend the night with us at the Newby's and they had another fantastic night of sleep and I think B and I got 3-4 hours of sleep.  Ugg.  I think Christian's love of jumping out of the pack and play and B's not feeling 100% added up to no one slept.