Monday, February 6, 2012

Long overdue

We are busy busy busy around the Barefoot household!  We are working on house plans, packing up for our move to the ranch, watching the boys pick up so much new info and working!  

The boys have so many more words and sentences now.  They are repeating everything, saying phrases and starting to LOVE movies.  They are really into Shrek right now and I have now woken up two mornings with Brock saying "Shrek!  I am an Ogre!".  Not at 640am buddy. 

Christian knows so many things!  He is the more noun guy and learns everything.  Brock busts out with a full sentence all the time.  "Mommy, what doing?"  "Where daddy go?"  He loves to play with his horses and "neeeeeee" really loud when they run.  He is into playing with toys now not just moving them from place to place.  He has little situations with his animals and play things.  He loves to tell us he is poopy now and usually goes pee pee in the potty before bath time.  He will be ready to potty train soon I think.

Christian says "love you mommy or daddy" all the time and loves to play with his trains.  He also loves Shrek and always yells, "Shrek, Donkey!"  He loves phones, computers, cars, dinosaurs, animals, and everything in-between!

We have been to the arboretum, the Stock Show with a petting zoo, over to friends houses and also to the zoo (which they loved).  Our winter has been wonderfully mild and we have played and played and played.  

 What their plate normally looks like.  All eaten except veggies!
 Brock in the car on the way home from the zoo.

 The boys at lunch after church on Sunday.  Yummm... corner bakery.
 Goats at the petting zoo.
 So sleepy.
 Christian in Dad's gear.
Dad and his boys!

 My aunt Ruthie flew in for a birthday surprise for mom's 60th birthday!  We had a wonderful dinner on Friday and then got to play with the kids on Saturday!
 The ladies had a wonderful time!
 Second set of sisters!
The originals!!!!  How cute are these ladies?!?