Monday, January 31, 2011

Great 18 Month Apt.!

We had a wonderful 18 month visit on Friday and the doctor was very pleased with the boys.

33" tall- 75%
24 pounds 12 oz- 50%
Head- 65%

33" tall- 75%
24 pounds 10 oz - 50%
Head- 65%

Crazy how close they are in size. All their measurements were on a "regular chart" and not adjusted at all. She was happy they had words. Right now Christian has "bye," "mine", "more", "hi" and "mom" and "da" and Brock has all those plus "no no", uhh-ohh and he is close to "bath". VERY cute! She was pleased they had words as she said just lots of babbling would have been fine too. Both little men had ear infections so we got meds for those and are coming back in a month for our shots. Boo.

We had a great time in OKC this weekend and the boys spent Sat. and Sunday with my parents in FW. They had soooo much fun and slept in this morning so they must have played a lot!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Steelers!

Go Steelers! Sara and Grady with Brandon and the boys.

The boys watching the Steelers win on Sunday!

Christian tonight at dinner! Ha!! He loves gram crackers and had this one stuck on his head for about 5 mins.

Brock trying on dad's boots.

Christian in dad's boots.

Bath time is our most difficult time when dad is traveling and I always laugh when I look at our bathroom when we are done. I usually put both in the tub, wash both, get one out and put him on the rug while I dry him and dress him while watching the other baby. I close all the doors to the bedrooms (before bath time) and then let the first, dressed baby run around while I dry and bath baby 2. Cue messy bathroom. This way works best so no one is in the bath alone at any time. Oh, and I would like to add that it usually takes me about 90 seconds to dress the second baby so all this is done in about a minute and a half.

Great couple of weeks around here. Brandon has been traveling for work quite a bit so the boys and I are having a great time hanging out at home. I so enjoy spending time with the munchkins :) Brock is working on his first molar (and sleeping pretty bad) and Christian has a burst of energy these days and is boycotting nap time.
The boys had several play dates this week and had a great time seeing Rylee O'Neill and Grady a couple of times. We had so much fun!
Brandon and I are heading to OKC this weekend to co-host a baby shower on Saturday night. I am really excited to stay in a hotel for the night and the babies are really excited to stay with Nana and Papa!
On a much sadder note we lost someone wonderful last week. Grandpa Barefoot passed away last week. We were so happy he was here to visit in June and was able to see the boys and go fishing with all the men in the Barefoot family. He will be missed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Couple More Pics

Christian exploring our furniture :) Oh, they move all our furniture around the house now. You never know where you will find anything. Super cute :)
Christian enjoying his chocolate cake.

First Snow

Christian enjoying the snow
Christian on Saturday morning in his crib.

Brock in the snow



We had a great Christmas and New Years! It was so wonderful to spend time with the family on Christmas and we had SUCH a wonderful time!!! We spent a very fun New Years with friends and the boys and on Saturday the boys got to meet my Aunt Ruthie! What fun!! We gave the boys chocolate cake and had a great time. Today we had a first winter snow in Dallas. This was the boys first time to actually play in the snow.
The boys have been so sweet lately. This is my favorite age yet! We are learning new words, and starting to listen a little more to mom and dad. Lots of pointing and noises and new voice inflection. Brock has been a little constipated lately so he has done a lot of cuddling with mom (which I love). Lots of mimicking and running and climbing. Christian got an x-ray a few days ago for a limp which has totally healed up and now is back to running!
Brandon had a good PET scan results and good EGT scan results too. We feel so blessed for happy healthy boys and a happy and healthy hubby!
We also want to say CONGRATS to my cousin Brittany! She got engaged this weekend and will be getting married this summer! Let the fun begin!! Twin boys are starting to run in this side of the family so beware :)
I uploaded videos of the snow below.