Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We are 3!

I can't believe we hit the big 3!!!!  We had a fabulous day fishing, eating and opening gifts!!!  The boys really enjoyed the fish after we caught them and put them in a bucket.  The loved all their gifts and have played with everything since Saturday.  Every morning they call to me "Mommy, I want out!" and run out of their room to play with their new toys all over again.  I think they are afraid that they are going to go away while they are sleeping.

We had a speech development screen at school on Monday and came up lacking in a couple of areas.  Both had very good pronunciation and were very good at the language to communicate their needs but they both struggled in expressive/receptive language according to the screener.  Since they were judged on all 3 year olds (and they had been 3 for one day) there is a good chance they just need to grow up a bit and it might improve.  After speaking with our pediatrician about the concerns with the screen we have decided to take them in for more testing.  We had the option of waiting and seeing if they improved, or just taking them in.  I feel like they have improved soooo much but I would rather be safe than sorry.  So, I made them appointments today and we don't even get in the door until the end of Oct. so we will see if we still feel like they need more help.

Boys had great weight and height today.  Christian weighted in at 33 pounds 8 oz (72%) and was 38 inches tall (65%) and had a BP of 80/60 (very good).  Brock weighted in at 33 pounds, 6 oz (70 %) and was also 38 inches (65%) and had a BP of 82/60 (also very good).  They looked GREAT to our pediatrician and she was very pleased.

We are having so much fun with the boys lately and have really enjoyed seeing them grow and become little boys.  We are working on potty training.... uggg.  We have quite a bit of work still to go but they are doing pretty good with #1 :)

I anticipate us starting our house this week!  We are finally approved with the board and are just getting some final answers from our grading people answered (hopefully today).  Let the real work begin :) 

Brandon has been traveling quite a bit for work and is gone again tomorrow overnight.  The boys and I usually do pretty well while he is gone but they are sure happy when he gets home.  Last week was pretty tough on us since I had tweaked my back out and Brandon was traveling all week.  Yikes!  

The boys are SOOOO into Cars the movie these days and I think we have watched it more times than I can count.  It is very cute how much they love lighting McQueen and the crowd.

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