Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Fun (and Heat!)

I have been such a terrible blogger!  Life is moving at FULL speed around here!!!  We sold our house and had to move in less than two weeks from the end of escrow.  We packed up, hired movers/storage, moved out of our storage unit, turned off all our utilities and got it all done in time!  Four days later, I had a work closing and move for our Weatherford property.  I spent a fabulous weekend in Austin with my girlfriends while dad watched the munchkins and when I got home it was time to prep for Sara's new baby.  She was on bed rest for a couple of weeks and Caleb made his exciting arrival on July 2.  He is so cute!

The boys are so verbal these days.  Brock and Christian both have such a wonderful sense of humor and think so many things are funny.  Watch what you say around these two these days since they will repeat it to you or say it again later.  Brock just recently tried to put mommy in time out for play hitting daddy.  "mommy, no hitting!  Timeout.  Say your sorry."  Christian is so polite and says please and thank you all the time and is so good about his morning "good morning mommy" and is quick to say "i love you and sorry"  What a blessing.

They are both so into the movie Cars and Lightning McQueen and all the character.  They love to play with their cars, fight over cars, run around, play with balls, trains, and everything BOY!  I absolutely can not believe they are turning 3 at the end of the month!!!  Where did the time go?  They are going to have a party at school and a fish fry here (just with family).  Mom is just not up to a bunch of three year olds this year.

We have been spending lots of time in the water since it is so hot this summer!  Boys are in swim lessons on Friday at my parent's club pool and they have been doing so well.  Christian who pretty scared of the water has Ben as an instructor and he now loves the water and goes willingly with Ben for his lesson (a huge step).  We have also been spending time on the boat which we all love.  The boys  seem to fall asleep in the boat every time we ride which we love :)  Since they are no longer napping at home, we take any sleeping break we can get!

We are "working" on potty training without pushing them at all.  Once we tried to push Christian he reverted and would not go in the bathroom without crying.  We have tried to ease up on our pushing and he is doing much better again.  Brock can stay dry all day as long as you take him to the potty many many times throughout the day.  He is so much better at school than at home.  Looks like we have something to work on this weekend :)

 Mom's B-day cake is all gone... who ate it??

 Mom and Brock snoozing.
 Christian snoozing on Mom and Brock crying.

 All my men

The boys put their school sleep mats on the floor at home.  So cute.
 Captain dad!

It was raining on the way to school.

 Christian loves it when I play with his hair.  He looks so cute!

Family boat photo
 Brock playing in the pool.
 C looking serious
 B napping
Look at his beautiful hair.

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